Monday, January 11, 2016

The Day The Thin White Duke Came To Uptown

On January 15, 2004, David Bowie became a part of Uptown's folklore when he dropped in to the Uptown Snack Shop (4668 North Broadway, where Spoil Me Salon & Spa is now) to do a photo shoot there for Audi (pictured above).  Legend has it that he arrived unannounced.

Somewhere there's a five-minute video taken that day, but we can't find it online. If you know a devoted Bowie fan, find out and let us know.

Here's to you, David Jones. You were never boring.


  1. Woah, that's amazing!! I wish I had been there.

  2. Speaking of Music....Don't forget to see G Eazy and ASA$P at the Aragon on Jan 15th. These rappers will bring together the stones and disciples and lots of kids from the suburbs. I imagine there will be plenty of gunfire after the show right outside where I live. I wonder why these shows are allowed to go on, it's like lighting a match inside a gas can. Does anybody realize what's happening?

  3. The CAPS Beat meeting is tomorrow evening. Maybe it's worth showing up and voicing some concern?

  4. On the Reality Tour Impressions video (6:00 - 10:18)