Monday, January 4, 2016

Sheridan Park Neighbors Meeting on Tuesday

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  1. Hi Neighbors,

    I live on North Malden (North of Leland) and I have noticed that the gang bangers are starting to move north from Leland toward Lawrence on Malden, Beacon, and Magnolia (I take mental notes when walking my Dog and I watch from my sun porch and call 911 regularly). I imagine, they think it is safer as none of us condo owners present a threat. Please keep your eyes pealed and please call 911 if you see anything suspicious or people you do not recognize. Let's put the heat on these punks. Also, I have witnessed a newer model Black GMC Envoy (or the Chevy equivalent) prowling the streets of Sheridan Park of late. My intuition tells me these are bangers/dealers, please be on the lookout and get the license plate (I haven't been able to while walking my dog). The car looks like this and usually has two African American males (probably mid twenties, in it):