Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Construction Ahead! Wilson Avenue Closed Weekdays, Broadway Closed Nights

To have the trains running on the new Wilson station tracks by March, CTA is pulling out all the stops to keep on schedule. That means closures on the streets below, from now until the early morning hours on Friday, January 15th. The trains will keep running on schedule.
  • Wilson Avenue will be closed to vehicular traffic between Broadway and Clifton between 9am and 4pm Monday through Friday for concrete work. Pedestrians will continue to have access, and the station will remain open. Truman's service drive will remain accessible. There will be dust/noise while work is being performed.
  • Broadway will be closed to all traffic between Leland and Wilson 9pm to 4am daily for new track installation.  There will be some dust/noise while the work is being performed, and there will be light in the work zone.
  • All construction is being done weather permitting.
When this phase of the construction is over (hopefully some time in March), this is what we will have in place:
  • temporary entrances on the north and south side of Wilson Avenue;
  • a temporary exit near Sunnyside Avenue;
  • demolition and reconstruction of Track #1 (the heavy concrete one); and
  • construction of new southbound shared platform.


  1. In March will the purple line start stopping there?

  2. It will keep the same schedule it has for the past year (rush hour stops only, inbound only). Because I'm pretty sure the next step is tearing down and rebuilding the _other_ set of tracks. When Wilson has two new sets of working tracks, then it will become a Purple Line express station.