Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Uptown's Up For "Neighborhood of the Year" in the Curbed Cup (Updated: We Won This Round!)

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Update: We won! 64% to 36% over Lincoln Park. So we made it through the first round. We'll be up against another neighborhood in the semi-finals soon, and of course we'll let you know.

Original Post:  Uptown has won the Curbed Cup for "Neighborhood of the Year" twice, and came close to a third win last year, but those hipsters in Logan Square did some overnight stuffing of the ballot box and we crashed out in the next-to-last bracket.

We're up again this year, against Lincoln Park in the first round. Want to vote for Neighborhood of the Year?  GO HERE. It's open until noon-ish Thursday, so hurry! No registration, nothing but a click is required.  Again, VOTE HERE.

Here's what Curbed says about us:
"Uptown is one of the quintessential Chicago neighborhoods. The area has a long history of being a destination for live music and nightlife. The neighborhood has also been a strong Curbed Cup contender since the competition began six years ago. Uptown took home the first two wins and then made it to the third round of voting last year. It's a neighborhood with a lot of action and an active online presence. The area is currently witnessing a flood of investment, with many of its aging apartment complexes and office buildings being redeveloped. Uptown may even get its own landmark district, which could finally see that the neighborhood's iconic Uptown Theater finally get the renovation it so badly needs."

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