Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Uptown versus Noble Square/East Village for Curbed Cup's Neighborhood of the Year

Uptown's Graceland Cemetery/Arboretum
It's Round Two, the semi-finals of the Curbed Cup "Neighborhood of the Year." In this round, Uptown is up against Noble Square/East Village.

Curbed says, "This time, the East Village/Noble Square 'hoods will be tag-teaming against North Side goliath Uptown." We're a Goliath? Cool.

One click, no registration, no gimmicks. Takes literally ten seconds to vote. The polls are open only for 24 hours.  CLICK HERE and vote your conscience.

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  1. Well looks like Uptown has triumphed in that round.

    Now it's Uptown V Pullman. Now since George Pullman is buried in Uptown's own Graceland Cemetery under a veritable poopload of concrete and steel rails I'm torn.

    If Uptown wins do we send his carcass back to his namesake hood? I refuse to hyperlink as Pullman was a poo poo head. There I said it. He schlonged his workers.


    "At the cemetery, a large pit had been dug at the family plot. At its base and walls were 18 inches of reinforced concrete. The coffin was lowered, and covered with asphalt and tarpaper. More concrete was poured on top, followed by a layer of steel rails bolted together at right angles, and another layer of concrete. The entire burial process took two days. His monument, featuring a Corinthian column flanked by curved stone benches, was designed by Solon Spencer Bemen, the architect of the company town of Pullman."

    There's a good comment at Curbed regarding the voting from someone named "Chicago Guy":

    "The contest is for the neighborhood of the year. There is no hard criteria on what this designation means. I don't think it means the most liveable neighborhood, the most gentrifying neighborhood, the most fun neighborhood, etc. I view it as the neighborhood that stood out the most this year. Lakeview, Uptown and the Loop continue to plug along as great neighborhoods but really did nothing monumental to stand out this year. One neighborhood stood out this year - Pullman. It became a national monument. It is one of the few - if not only - urban neighborhoods that are national monuments.

    Additionally, Pullman's success is not guaranteed like Uptown, Lakeview and the Loop. It needs additional recognition and support. So I'm voting every chance I get for Pullman."

    I tend to agree with him. Let's not be selfish Uptown. We've won this award in the past--I know I nominated Uptown a few times and those include the years we won.

    Let's let Pullman have a taste of victory! An urban national park is something special. Sui Generis as the ancient Greeks might have said--wholly unique.

    Regardless whether we win this somewhat meaningless online contest or not Uptown is heading in the right direction. Pullman deserves a win. Uptown has already won this contest and will undoubtedly win again.

    I'm voting for Pullman not because I think it's better than Uptown, but because I think we're good enough and generous enough to let a truly struggling neighborhood have the spotlight.

    Vive La Pullman! Vive La Uptown!


    Shilleristas? R u dere? Here's an oldie you may remember.

    Vive La Resistance!