Monday, December 7, 2015

New 19th District CAPS Meeting Schedule For 2016

The CPD's 19th District, which includes everything in Uptown south of Lawrence Avenue, is revising its CAPS community beat meeting schedule for next year. Meetings will take place every other month in each beat, rather than monthly.  Below are the beat maps for each area in Uptown, along with the 2016 meeting schedules. (Click to enlarge for map clarity.)  Please note that Beats 1913 (formerly at Truman College) and 1915 (formerly at Ruth Shriman Home) have new locations and new start times of 6:30pm.

Note the earlier start time (6:30pm) and new location (Courtenay School, at 4420 North Beacon).

Note the earlier start time (6:30pm) and new location (The Shift, at 4101 North Broadway).


  1. So does this mean criminals will only commit crimes every other month or that we may potentially have to wait 59 days for an opportunity to voice our concerns as a community?

  2. Need police back on corners near argyle. Several young adults drinking and smoking pot in front of businesses. Or send them flint water. Harsh? Waists of space not trying to improve themselves don't have my pity. Also, I can only call 911 so many times over the years and get the same lazy sounding piece of shite operators.