Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Medical Office Coming to 4501-4507 N. Sheridan

The medical office will fill 3 storefronts in the stripmall at Sheridan & Sunnyside (Shai Town Realty photo)
The southernmost portion of a stripmall at Sheridan and Sunnyside had most recently been home to Makola African Supermarket. There had been rumors of a liquor store wanting to open in this location but upon further review, the location was found to be in a liquor moratorium. Now according to building permits issued on November 30, we can expect to see a medical office fill 3 storefronts in this stripmall at 4501-4507 N. Sheridan.


  1. Thank the Lord. The last thing that area needs is another liquor store.

  2. This mini mall needs a whole new facelift! They need to make it more appealing and inviting. The only appealing business at this mini mall is the Mexican restaurant La Ciudad. The Chinese restaurant next door needs a little modernization also. But I'm glad something beneficial is being placed there. Let's just hope they keep it clean and not slummy medical office.

  3. This whole strip mall needs to go. A taller set back condo building with ground floor restaurant/retail would fit well with the street scape.