Monday, December 28, 2015

Details On Rebirth of Condemned Building On Sheridan

We've gotten more information on the condemned little building on Sheridan at Windsor that is being restored and rehabbed. It's an unusual situation: It's a freestanding building, but has been considered a unit in the vintage condo building to the north of it for some time.

It is currently in demo court because it was condemned by the City.  It was recently sold and the new owner is having the building restored by an expert in rehabbing condemned buildings. It will remain a part of the 4536 Sheridan Condo Association upon completion.  The reconstruction process is being overseen by the demolition court.  Take a look at the plans/elevations below:

The street view. One of the unique features of the building, the small side entry door to the left, will be retained and restored.

The facade has been stripped from the door, and will be restored and replaced.
The side view. The building's main door will be accessed from the courtyard of the building to the north.

You can see the front door-to-be taking shape.
Here's the oldest photo we could find of the building, just a partial shot from 1936:
courtesy of IDOC archives at University of Chicago

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