Monday, November 23, 2015

Oops, It Did It Again

The reader who sent these photos in says, "Lawrence Red Line ate a tractor trailer for breakfast. Apparently they are very high in fiber. This happened around 7 this morning and impeded traffic up and down Lawrence."  Gotta feel for the driver, who absolutely didn't intend to start the week this way.


  1. Easy fix, used in many parking garages: hang a horizontal pipe in advance of the viaduct. Truck hits that first as a warning.

  2. There's another problem here.
    Once you've cleared the 1st part, there's another "lower" part about 2-3 feet that is NOT MARKED! Truck drivers don't see it and they think it's all the same height. It's not! They should mark it so you can see the numbers on the 2nd drop underneath that viaduct.

    This doesn't have to happen. They should put a sign on the 2nd drop.