Saturday, November 14, 2015

Mother of Newborn "Baby Eastwood" Charged With First-Degree Murder

The mother of "Baby Eastwood" was arrested and charged with first-degree murder Friday in the death of the newborn girl. She is 19-year-old Mubashra Uddin, who lives with her parents at the building from which police say the baby was thrown late Wednesday night.

The police did not provide a mug shot, since Ms. Uddin is currently hospitalized. (Remember that she underwent a home birth, with no medical assistance, just a few days ago.)

We never know what is in others' hearts and minds, and what people are capable of.  But we are hearing from people who know this young woman that she loved children. They are finding it difficult to reconcile the person they know as someone who has allegedly confessed to throwing her baby from a high-rise window.

We'll never know what kinds of pressure this young woman was under. We are told by several reliable sources that the impending birth of Baby Eastwood became a source of deep disapproval from those closest to her. What we do know is that a newborn baby is senselessly, tragically, and needlessly dead. It is one of the saddest stories that Uptown Update has ever covered.

Police detectives are continuing to investigate the case. Ms. Uddin -- probably in absentia -- is scheduled to appear in bond court Saturday.

Update: Here's the Tribune story with details as read into the court record. Extremely detailed and horrific.


  1. She could have just taken it to the Fire questions asked.

  2. If she was raised a strict Muslim, I can sympathize with her. Shock, disbelief, scared that her parents would beat the heck out of her. Not only Muslim young women go through it, but other minority women too. They are usually raised strictly and religiously and having a baby is a sin.
    I hope she gets the help she needs. And I hope her family will forgive her.

    (and this is NOT from the media or ANYONE'S local news standpoint as we all know it's never the entire story and propagated)

    "Apparently the Father of the family in apartment 802 in the 850 W. Eastwood North Shore building, highly disapproved of his daughter,who's also Indian, having a child by a moorish male and strangled the baby with its embilical cord and left the precious innocent life, left for dead outside near the 3rd level garage area. The authorities have apprehended all responsible and associated with this heartless and atrocious crime. May you ALL find peace in the life you live for from this point on! And a circle of condolence on behalf of the innocent life experiencing a hateful death as a result of its new being birthing into a this new and toxic Era. " " Travel light new life..this is but yet the beginning of your're an Angel that fulfilled a purpose to open everyone's eyes to this current reality we live in". "It's time to face the truths of our own selves and stop the hatred and violence (though it's a necessary mechanism to perpetuate their means to make fund$$) and find some true peace within your soul". Enough is enough already. This is not what the current hue'man level of our entire race has resorted to? IS IT?!? Every last one of you regardless of your eye color and skin completion are all a result of an ever changing,evolving experiment from the jump. Whether you're own people came to this planet to mix in 5,000+ years ago or beyond, fact that remains is you're here now amongst other forms of beings and species and share the same original base composition with them regardless of where you find them or yourself on that pyramidal food chain. And there's 4 as I stated in my previous post!" "Don't believe me ask the Sun of Suns "**hint** it's the mother and father of all creations throughout the universe."

    " Say a prayer for the innocent who come into a hateful world only to be sacrificed for not ".

    "Peace, and love

  4. i think you putting there apt# was not cool! its not for us to judge but GOD.