Sunday, November 15, 2015

Dispensary 33 Open To The Public This Weekend Only

Chicago's first medical marijuana dispensary opens on Monday, November 16th. Dispensary 33, located at 5001 North Clark, is giving the public a chance to see what's inside this weekend, Saturday and Sunday between noon and 6pm, at its Open House. No free samples, but lots of information.

The grand opening and ribbon-cutting take place at 10am on Monday, with Ald. Pawar doing the honors. After that, no lookie-loos are allowed in the part of the building where the cannabis is stored and sold. Illinois law prohibits anyone other than staff, qualifying patients, and their caretakers to enter the inner pot sanctum once the dispensary has started sales.

We hit the joint (see what we did there?) on Saturday. The space has been completely overhauled since it was Pie Hole Pizza Joint. It was all very clinical, clean, light, and spacious -- what IKEA would look like if it opened a dispensary.

There were brochures on the medical marijuana program, FAQs about Illinois's Medical Cannabis Pilot Program, and applications to become a qualifying patient. There were displays of different methods by which patients can consume their meds: pipes, vaporizers, topical applications. There were friendly people around to answer questions about how to register to get MMJ there, among other things.

A side note: We noticed that the storefront between Dispensary 33 and Hot G Dogs is available. That's getting to be a busy and popular block, so if you know anyone who's looking for a good location, steer them to the photo below.

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