Friday, October 30, 2015

Positive Loitering Tonight, 7pm-8pm

From Uptown Chicago Commission:

"Please join your neighbors tonight for an hour of Positive Loitering from 7-8 PM.  Our location this evening will be in front of 4613 N Broadway (across the street from the Broadway entrance of the Wilson Red Line stop). Stop by for a few minutes or stay for the full hour. Bring a friend, bring a new neighbor, stop by on a dog walk, just come out!

As always, the 19th District Police are aware of our presence and encourage participation.  See you tonight!"

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  1. FYI: Your main blog page has no date visible for your individual posts so it is hard to quickly scan which posts are still relevant. You might want to update your main page template to throw a date under the post heading.

    Otherwise great work...