Friday, October 9, 2015

Next Phase Of Wilson Track Project To Close Wilson Avenue Later In October

Another landmark in the progress of the new Wilson Red Line station: Walsh Construction is nearly ready to pour the concrete for the newly installed tracks that stretch over Wilson Avenue.

They're projecting it to take place Monday, October 19 through Wednesday, October 21. If the weather is nice, it should only take a day or so.  Wilson will be closed to vehicular traffic between Broadway and Clifton, with pedestrians having access at all times. Buses will be rerouted; we'll share details as we get them.

No one can deny that all this construction is pesky. But we've been through Wilson being closed in April and again in September, and it wasn't that bad. This closure will only be for a day or two, and by building the infrastructure now, they can continue to work on it throughout the winter.

Anyone got the over/under on when the first train will run on the new tracks?

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