Thursday, October 22, 2015

Corners Of Lawrence & Clark Continue Transformation

The SW corner of Lawrence & Clark
We noticed that the beautiful vintage building owned by Vequity on the SW corner of Lawrence and Clark is getting some exterior TLC. The 2nd floor residential has been gutted and now the exterior is being freshened up. No word yet on what new retail we can expect. New windows on the retail level will surely liven up the streetscape and can be seen in the rendering below.


  1. What's the difference? I don't see the difference.

    1. Look at the first floor. All the storefronts have been seriously upgraded, bringing this 1920s building in line with what's happening across the street. This hopefully will lead to a better class of retailers.
      Maybe even a sports bar (oh please, please)!

    2. There was a diner called CORTs there in the 1965. Still remember that corner.