Saturday, August 15, 2015

Challenger Bark Tree Fundraising 90% There; Can You Help?

Update:  As of Sunday, August 16th, the fund stands at $410, enough to purchase three trees, the materials to protect them from dog urine, and $60 with which the park will buy poop bags.  Thanks to all who so generously made this possible.  You are awesome!

After only six days, the Challenger Bark GoFundMe has raised $315 toward the purchase of three beautiful red maple trees to provide shade at the dog park for dogs and their humans.  Just $35 more to go -- if just seven people chip in a fiver, the fundraising is complete.

An update on the GoFundMe page reads:

"Thanks SO much for your donations!! We're only $35 away from the overall goal but since there was enough money to purchase of the trees, I went ahead and did that.

I've scheduled planting tentatively for Saturday, September 12th. Again, thanks so much!"
The trees cost $290, and the additional $60 is to pay for materials around the trees that will protect them from dog urine.

Congrats to all who have made this possible, and can we get another $35 to make the project complete?

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