Monday, July 20, 2015

Senn High School Principal Removed By CPS

Although Senn High School isn't in Uptown, it is attended by students living in Uptown.  Ald. Osterman sent out an email blast Monday regarding a change in the administration of the school:

"Dear Neighbor,

On Friday, Chicago Public Schools removed Susan Lofton as principal of Senn High School. This action was taken as a result of a CPS Inspector General’s investigation.

As a strong supporter of Senn, I am deeply disappointed by this news.

Assistant Principal Carter Carey will serve as the administrator in charge of Senn until CPS can appoint an interim principal. CPS representatives will be meeting with staff, teachers, the LSC, parents and students to discuss this leadership change.

Senn is our community’s local high school, and it must be a safe, inclusive and outstanding learning institution for all the students and families in our community. As more than 1,300 Senn students prepare to start a new school year in September, it is important that we work to ensure that they have a productive year of learning and growth.

I will work with the new leadership team at CPS and the educational leaders at Senn to make sure that Senn High School keeps moving forward in a positive direction for all the students of our community.

I will update you further in the weekly newsletter about the leadership change at Senn.

You can read a letter from the Senn Local School Council by clicking here."

There's an article in the Sun-Times with more details about the change of leadership.

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