Friday, June 5, 2015

Where Was Space Jam?

Movie scheduled for 8:30. At 8:52,
it was still on the schedule....
Lots of excitement about the first Movie in the Park of the summer season, scheduled to take place at Broncho Billy Playlot Thursday night. The Park District promoted it.  The Mayor's Office mentioned it on Facebook early Thursday. Even the weather cooperated. The park was packed with people, some with picnics and blankets to see Michael Jordan and Bugs Bunny take on space aliens in Space Jam.

And they waited.  And they waited. And eventually they all went home.

Because there was no movie. There was no cancellation notice. You can see from the screen grab on the right that as late as 8:52, the movie was still on the schedule.  There was nothing except a lot of disappointed people.

We'd like to know why there was an Uptown letdown. Even today on the Park District Movies Facebook page, there's no acknowledgment, explanation or apology. Frankly, we expect all three.

We'd like the Parks Department to somehow make it right, by scheduling a make-up date (and making it happen) or by providing refreshments at the next Broncho Billy movie night.

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