Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Mumford & Sons Show Postponed Until Friday

Well, that's the last time we believe a promoter who says the show will go on, no matter what.

JAM Productions has announced the Mumford & Sons show has been postponed a couple days, until Friday, June 19th.

From JAM's website:

"RESCHEDULED! SHOW NOW THIS FRIDAY, JUNE 19!!  Due to the dangerous weather conditions that began on Monday, along with several consecutive days of rain - which have impacted the crew’s ability to get the concert site completed in time for tonight’s concert - the show is being postponed until this Friday, June 19. Tickets purchased for tonight’s show will be honored at the gates on Friday."

As you were.....

Update:  Statement from the band on Facebook--

"**Tonight’s Concert at Montrose Beach & Park POSTPONED UNTIL FRIDAY 19th JUNE**

It is with massive regret that we have to announce that tonight's headline show in Chicago has to be postponed to Friday June 19.

Despite huge efforts against really unfavourable weather, the local promoters have been unable to build us a stage in time for the show tonight. It takes a lot for us to pull a show, it's something we try to avoid at all costs, but tonight it's just not going to happen. Of course we are devastated.

So what we're planning to do is to play this show on Friday night. We hope that as many of you as possible will come on Friday instead, where your tickets will be valid.

If you can't make the show on Friday, you can instead redeem your tickets at our Waverly GOTR Stopover this weekend, all details will be posted on the Gentlemen of the Road website.

And of course if neither of those are going to work for you, you can get a full refund here.

We are so sorry. We are absolutely gutted and more than a little frustrated - this is our biggest ever headline show away from home, so you can understand that for all the days not to be able to do a show, this one hurts the most.

But Friday night is going to be all the more special for it, so we really, really hope you can make it."


  1. Good move. I have to guess it's a soggy mess out there Given the last 3 days. Although I doubt it's going to be much drier by Friday if you listen to the forecast.

  2. As per usual the CPD is taking their good old sweet time in taking down all those NO PARKING/ tow signs up and down Wilson Ave., now that we know the concert won't take place until Friday. Since the concert has been rescheduled they'll more than likely leave them up, since that would require extra work on their part, which as we all know they're allergic too!

  3. Well to the naysayers who said that the concert wouldn't bring any serious money to the neighborhood I suggest you check out the local bars. I just walked down Broadway and the bars are packed. Perhaps those drinkers aren't here for Mumford, but for the Sonic and the Buddhist festival. Perhaps not.

  4. Excuse me, but why is this being allowed? We live a mile away and can hear the cacophony quite clearly. It's very loud and very annoying. I can only imagine what it must be like for people who live closer. Why isn't this at Northerly Island or some other location intended for these kind of events? wtf??

    1. Cacophony?

      Someones been looking at an online thesaurus.

      Any reports of deaths or serious injuries by inconvenience? "My husband couldn't find a parking spot on the street and his head exploded in the car and the paramedics couldn't get there because of the traffic and the cacophony of the sound caused me to have a seizure."

      noun: cacophony; plural noun: cacophonies

      a harsh, discordant mixture of sounds.
      "a cacophony of deafening alarm bells"
      synonyms: din, racket, noise, clamor, discord, dissonance, discordance, uproar
      "despite the cacophony, Rita slept on"

    2. Where does it say that events like this are restricted to Northerly Island? Where does it say that loud music and parties are prohibited in the parks but OK next door to me? Why is it that I can close my windows to reduce the noise from a gang party across the street (until they get tired of running every time a CPD squad car shows up and they leave), but you can't do that for a concert that was done before 11p.m.? We live in a city--and we don't always get everything the way we want in the cacophony of life in a city. Concerts at Cricket Hill don't happen every weekend throughout the summer--can you live with it for a few hours? Like IP said, it brought a lot of people in to our bars and restaurants that wouldn't have been here otherwise--maybe the next investors in new businesses and construction, and the next people who will move in next door to you were there. And they are the people who will make the neighborhood more liveable for you in the years to come.

  5. whoa... what is so wrong with cacophony, it fits the situation perfectly, very loud, garbled, annoying... and my windows were closed. That's just it, you don't realize how loud it really was. We are west of Ashland and yes, it was that loud. Also, there IS a loud event most weekend days at Montrose. All those races and events begin with loud thumping music. (not of course on the scale as this concert, but loud nonetheless) Be aware that there are people who hate that. I'm not even going to get into the fact that Montrose has a bird sanctuary that draws birders from all over the world.
    I think my main point is that there is something called zoning to make sure that different parts of the city are used properly.. Uptown and Ravenswood are residential neighborhoods. I don't think this is a proper use of Cricket Hill. My opinion. I thought this would be the place to express that. Sorry you don't agree.

    1. You put the caca in cacophony. Hell you may even put the phony in it.

      I dunno. You live in a city. There are going to be some inconveniences and hassles that one puts up with for the common good.

      I hear Park Ridge is lovely this time of year. Assuming the new flight paths at O'Hare haven't negatively impacted them. Many whiny types from Uptown, well at least one I can think of, left and moved there. It was a happy day for me when I spied the for sale sign on his condo.

      I live much closer to Cricket Hill than you claim to and the CACA PHONY didn't bother me. I heard it and accepted it for what it is............the price for living in a vibrant city neighborhood.

      Did I mention Park Ridge?

    2. Amelia, sometimes that's just life. Sometimes you get noise. I live on Leland, half a block from where the demolishing of a concrete train trestle. All day and thru many nights. Soon they'll be drilling holes for the new support pillars. It won't be fun. Not only my windows shake. The whole house shakes. But in the grand scheme of things, it won't last forever. Your problem concert was over by 10:00 PM. I would have welcomed noise that ended by then. It's the city. People who live by Midway get plane noise and the occasional chimney knocked off their houses. People by Wrigley get night games and more concerts per year than Cricket Hill has had in its entirety. People by hospitals get ambulance sirens. People by firehouses get sirens. One night of folk music a mile away isn't that much of a problem in comparison. I wish I had neighbors who stopped their noise promptly at 10:00 P.M.!

    3. IrishPirate, you obviously are a difficult person. My family moved to Ravenswood in 1965. Do I have to prove myself to post here? We shopped at the a&p, were too poor to go on vacations so we spent our summers at the beach, shopped at the army navy store, got my braces at the uptown bank My complaint is perfectly legitimate. Read the trib article re: the concert. It was heard in edgewater and andersonville. The article questions the sense of using parks for concerts. Unlike you I don't think uptown should be gentrified. Grow up. I'm sorry for others that you are dominating this blog in such a negative way, goodbye.

    4. Bravo, IP and Boohoo! I live significantly closer to Cricket Hill than Ashland, and I was outside in my back yard while it was going on. I've heard "music" from our neighboring Voice of the People buildings louder than that. We've had more traffic and cacophony from Black P-Stone gang par-tays than the Mumford and Sons concert--but the language turns the air more blue, and you have to worry about whether opposing gangs are gonna drive thru and make you take cover from gunfire before the police arrive (instead of having them there already, conveniently, for crowd control at a music event).

      Cricket Hill is in Lincoln Park--it's owned and operated by the Chicago Park District, not the City of Chicago, and zoning law doesn't exactly apply there. I'm more troubled by the volume of traffic all trying to get in at Montrose Harbor and Beach on hot sunny summer weekends than I am by a singular concert--they come from all corners of the city and 'burbs, they back up traffic on the Drive and on Montrose up to nearly where you live west of Ashland, they take up parking spaces in the neighborhood, they're loud and obnoxious after a day's sunburn, and they leave a mess in the park AND on our streets and sidewalks. Plus they make it difficult to get out to do marketing or run errands. But I understand that Montrose Harbor and Beach is a resource that draws people here, so I live with that and with the inconveniences it causes. It passes. Or it rains. But if you're still very troubled by the sound of a concert at Cricket Hill that might get drowned out by a neighboring teenager's MP3 player on speakers, please put in a word for the rest of us that you'd like to see Montrose Beach shut down on weekends to anyone living outside of 60640, too. They could put in a security gate on Montrose at Clark to keep out the non-residents, and that would definitely clear the traffic on Montrose so we wouldn't have to detour to Ravenswood in order to make forays out into Uptown or surrounding neighborhoods! Thanks! :)

    5. Amelia,

      Wow your family moved to Ravenswood in 65.

      So this was less about noise than gentrification? Another outsider living in a gentrified neighborhood against Uptown gentrification. You really should take to twitter. Better yet if you're not a lesbian there's still time to become one and hang out on bars on Western Avenue and wax lyrically about what Uptown should be. Perhaps you could open your own saloon and call it "Cagney and Lacey".

      I hope your family bought in 65 because all that evil gentrification that's happened in Ravenwood over the past 20 years would have made them lots of moola. I recall Ravenswood very well. Used to shag my dad out of the Twelve Step House at Sunnyside and Damen starting in the 70's.

      I think Ravenswood is arguably the best neighborhood in the city. If I had kids, at least any I acknowledged--wink wink, I'd likely live there. Mix of housing styles. Great transit. Great restaurants and bars. Good mix of national and independent shopping. Yeah that gentrification thing is bad........for Uptown, but good for Ravenswood and Amelia.

      Hassles are a part of city life. I'm at Montrose Harbor frequently, but I avoid it on summer Sundays because of the massive crowds. Now few of those people who go there live in our fine neighborhoods. Do I think we should set up check points and ask for "their papers" like some Leather Coat wearing Kraut Major in a World War Two movie? Nope. Those folks who go there are disproportionally hard working immigrants who like soccer and having a few beers on their one day off. Does their presence in MY neighborhood cause some hassles. Yessum. Such is life in the big city.

      Now I find the gay pride parade to be a huge pain. Hundreds of thousands of people descending upon MY neighborhood to enjoy themselves and celebrate gay culture by getting drunk, throwing up and fornicating on lawns. It's sorta like the St. Pat's day parade only with slightly less gay sex and better weather.

      Should we ban it because it hassles me. Nope. Work to reduce the hassles to a less unreasonable level and realize it's a one day thang. Those of us who live in UPTOWN should take the good with the bad.

      Those of us who claim to live in Ravenswood should get over ourselves and think about something from American history: "promote the general welfare". Perhaps you recall seeing that in the preamble to the Constitution. I just looked and there's no asterisk leading to a footnote labeled "Except when it annoys Amelia".

      So endeth the lesson.

  6. "IrishPirate, you obviously are a difficult person" That's an understatement!!!

  7. WAW, waw

    I'm not difficult. I'm just drawn that way.

    Jessica Rabbit: I'm not bad. I'm just drawn that way.

  8. glad you explained the whole Jessica Rabbit thing... never would have got it otherwise. Technically I live in Uptown. I think I live in Ravenswood. Who cares. Not gay (how is that related to this? : ) Thanks for proving my point about you being difficult. I appreciate it. .... but now I think you are just sad. Don't worry, I'm gone from this blog. I used to think it provided good local info... now I see it's just like other local blogs.... lots of trolls. Oh.... and when my family sold their house I think it went for about 35 thousand... did I mention we were poor? get a life.

    1. Why do you hate gay people?

      Ok, now that's trolling.

      Telling someone to "get a life" is lame and trollish.

      You made a stupid comment. I replied in a stupid manner Hence the circle of stupidity is continued.

      Stop making silly complaints about minor transient annoyances in our wonderful city life and you won't get stupid responses.

      Why can't you just enjoy the beauty of life?

      Take a walk down one of the streets N/S streets near the Sears on Lawrence. They're lovely and beautiful. Like me!

  9. The best tweet regarding this:

    BREAKING NEWS: Tribune finds angry hipsters, annoyed at hearing "unauthentic" folk band.

    Mumford & Sons didn't play Cricket Hill Friday. They seemingly played much of the North Side. Gripes from miles away: