Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Readin' Writin' and Larceny

Seems a couple North Side schools have been broken into lately after hours, so please keep an eye out for any suspicious activity, especially if you live near a school.
  • On May 16, a school on the 2500 block of Addison (which we presume is Lane Tech) was broken into, vandalized, and had electronic equipment taken.  The offenders were four individuals riding BMX-type bikes.
  • Over the long Memorial Day weekend, a school on the 4400 block of Magnolia (which we presume is "Baby Courtenay") was broken into, again with the vandalizing and stolen electronics.  No description of the suspects was released.
Please call 911 if you see anything amiss at any school after-hours.  You can make a report as "anonymous" and no one can trace it to you.

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