Friday, May 29, 2015

Man Killed In Gang-Related Shooting Overnight

Around 1:35am, readers reported hearing shots and seeing police activity on Kenmore, north of Lawrence.  Sad to say, this ridiculous gang war, which started and escalated due to social media taunting, and has been exacerbated by gang members realigning their allegiances, has claimed another victim.  A 20-year-old man was shot in the back and died at Illinois Masonic.  It apparently happened as he was in front of 4808 North Kenmore, when another man got out of a car and shot him.

Gang retaliation is quick in Uptown, so be alert for suspicious activity, and call 9-1-1 if you see a situation you think might turn violent.

We strongly recommend going to the "Meet the Commander" event next Tuesday at the Broadway Armory and speaking to new 20th District Commander Cornelia Lott about your safety concerns.

Police are waking up residents in the area and questioning them about what they may have heard and seen.

Our sympathies to the murdered young man's loved ones and family.


  1. This was my family member. Let us pray for our young people who are killing each other on a daily basis. May God give my family the comfort that we need and I will pray for his killer too!!!

  2. The man killed has been identified as rapper Young Pappy, who survived two previous attempts on his life.

  3. "Young Pappy" should have moved out of state. After the McDonald's shooting in RP his dad said he was going to move.

    Him being shot and killed is not surprising. Two people killed in other shootings where he was the target. SWAT response to his residence in Edgewater.

    He was not living a "lead-free" lifestyle. His dying of gunshot wounds is not surprising.

    1. Agree. You notice that Chief Keef(?) is no longer in Chicago, he's in LA and still alive.

  4. below are some facebook profiles of the 'concervative vice lords' who appear to be celebrating that young man's death.

  5. Maybe we should go back to the police solution implemented by the former alderbeast and police commanders back in the mid 90's. I remember - back in the day -- when FatBoy would travel down from Rogers Park to sell on the SW corner of Sheridan and Wilson (on the side of the Uptown Baptist Church.). The Latin Kings owned and sold off the SE corner (in front of the Burger King.) The police parked the beat's patrol car on the street between them to guard the two gang's dividing line so that there weren't any fights or shootings. And, it worked out so very well for the drug buyers, who had police security while transacting with their dealers. It was a win-win for the politicians, gangs, police, and dope heads. And the neighbors?? Well, screw the neighbors. It is Uptown you know.

    Perhaps that is what Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy is implementing with his progressive policing plan.

    "We've made 17,000 less arrests over the last two years," McCarthy said. "I told you mass incarceration is a huge issue in the community and rightfully so. But at the end of the day, it's not about arresting everybody."

    Oh really????? Is it smart to wait to the point that they are slaughtering each other on the streets of Uptown???? What about the innocent bystanders? Perhaps he will implement taxpayer financed target shooting practice for known gang members too.