Sunday, May 31, 2015

Blustery Day Cinema Suggestion: Celebrate Uptown Native Robert Ryan at the Music Box

Robert Ryan at his childhood home,
4822 North Kenmore (now demolished)
As we get ready to go into June, Sunday's going to be another day with inhospitable March weather. Here's a suggestion:  Go to the Music Box at noon and see a tribute to Robert Ryan, an Uptown native who Martin Scorsese described as “one of the greatest actors in the history of American film.”  It runs at noon.

"Join us for a special screening of Ryan’s tense boxing drama The Set-Up and a post-screening discussion of his life and career, featuring Matthew Hoffman of Park Ridge Classic Film; Lisa Ryan, the actor’s daughter; and J.R. Jones, film editor for the Chicago Reader and author of the new biography The Lives of Robert Ryan.  Tickets are $10. A ticket and a copy of the new book The Lives of Robert Ryan are $38 (a $2 discount). Additional books will be available for sale at the Music Box."

More information is here.

Uptown Update took at look at Robert Ryan's early life in Uptown. Read more about him here, including a letter her wrote to his children about his life growing up in WWI-era Uptown, both on Kenmore and Winona.

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