Thursday, April 30, 2015

Violent Day - Two Incidents Top Off A Violent Week

A reader's photo of the window he was
sitting near in McDonald's when shots were fired
Today at around 1:10pm, shots were fired at Wilson and Sheridan, resulting in bullets going through the window of the McDonald's there.  As far as we know, no one was hit, but we're sure there were quite a few diners and passers-by shaken up.  The police were in pursuit of the shooter, who ran south down the alley between Sheridan and Kenmore.  He was wearing a grey hoodie over a red hoodie, according to reports.

Earlier this morning, at around 1:45am, a man was shot in the Margate Park area, around Ainslie and northbound Lake Shore Drive.  He walked drove himself to Weiss Hospital with wounds to the chest and neck.

Update:  The man who was shot on Lake Shore Drive, Boshaun Jackson, age 24, passed away this morning.

Given Monday's shooting on Wilson, and Tuesday's reports of shots fired in the Argyle area, it all seems like back-and-forth gang retaliation. These guys don't care about anything except paying back the other guys for alleged slights.

What's crazy is that the cops say that Uptown is no longer a wildly profitable drug center. Yes, there's a drug trade, but it's not making the money it did fifteen or twenty years ago.  To make big money, the gangs go to other parts of the city that are more lucrative for them. This gang war seems to be over winter taunting on YouTube and other social media.  Gang members go into other gangs' turf, film themselves, and put it online. The other gang responds. And we all bear witness to this idiocy. It's taking place in Wards 46 and 48, in both the 19th and 20th police districts.

If you hear shots fired, if you see something you think is about to be trouble -- call 911. Don't worry that you're bothering the cops.  They can figure out what's important and what's not.  If you hear shots and don't know where they came from, call 911 and give them your cross-streets. They can figure it out from the various calls they receive.  This skirmish will end. They always do. It's just really depressing and scary while a few idiots work out their issues with guns.


  1. There was quite a little party going on last Saturday night in one of the Voice of the People buildings, with a couple dozen of the Black P Stones and a dozen or so of their female groupies running in and out of one of the apartments. Not much of a response from the police, either. It appears that the Black P Stones are wearing red, now, judging by the number of red hoodies and jackets and shirts--just so people know. Sounds like the shooter at McDonald's was one of them.

    1. That was a fete hosted by our very own Peejay...Philip Payne...aka the Mugger of the Mayor's Kid.

      He had been boasting about a party ever since he got out of jail a couple weeks ago after being caught in the crack house at Leland.

      Glad he is turning his life around.

  2. Boshaun Jackson was a member of Hoolagang. He also lived on Clifton at 4426. I figured he was local when he drove himself to Weiss.

    His hoolie buddies are mourning him on FB. Here's a comment:

    "I done seen To Many of my Big Brothers come and Go be it Death or Jail and it's real fucked up. Mfs don't kno How this shit Feel My "friends" that saw Me grow Up from a lil Boy Gone G
    REST UP BO �� I just ask that You n the Rest of the Guys Watch over Us in this Life ��"

    I changed a bit of the language as it was not appropriate for a PG rated blog

    Here's a google link.

    Instead of asking his deceased friend to watch over him in this life he'd be better off finding a new line of work and moving. Hoolagang members seem to be dying and going away for long jail stretches fairly consistently. Hell jail would be safer than being on the streets where they're known.

    I don't know if the Hoolagang thinks they're winning whatever gang war they're in, but if that's winning I'd really hate to be on the losing side. Stay in that gang guys and only two options await you. Death or prison.

  3. Also the idiot who mugged Rahm's son seems to be in mourning for Boshaun.

    Real name is Philip Payne.

    Whatever name he wants to go by I hope he either gets out of Uptown and the gang life or goes to jail because otherwise I doubt he'll be seeing many more birthdays.

  4. There is a system called ShotSpotter that Milwaukee has deployed which alerts the police to shots being fired immediately. It has become crucial, particularly in areas where residents fail to call the police when they hear shots for whatever reason. This is something Chicago should consider. Shotspotter has provided a lot of great information to the city of Milwaukee. There was an NPR report about it just a couple of months ago - I think on Ira Glass' show.

    1. I feel like uptown would be a great place to test a system like this out in Chicago. We have enough engaged residents to sustain the system and enough issues to need it.

  5. ShotSpotter is being used in Chicago, it's just not widespread yet.

  6. Some of the newer "blue light cameras" have shot spotter technology on them already. It doesn't help much.

  7. The microphones added to blue light cameras are not as effective. ShotSpotter is precise and assists police immensely.