Sunday, April 5, 2015

Uptown's Favorite Lion Celebrates Easter

Lionel hasn't been at his perch at Montrose and Dayton for a few months (since The Unfortunate Incident), but that hasn't stopped him from dressing up.  Here are a couple photos of him that were posted to his very own Facebook page, where you can follow his adventures.  We hope he moves back outside now that the weather is nice, and that he doesn't take another tumble anytime soon.


  1. This was just sent to me by Agent 99 as we battle KAOS in our quest for ward wide DOMINATION!

    Here's the new parody Tumblr. It's amusing. Of the many negative things I could say about TEAM AMY supporters the lack of humor among them is apparent. "Oh we are oh so serious. We are so in the right. We have all the answers even if they contradict themselves. Let's run to twitter and use our multiple accounts to report questionable reports of gunfire and use photos from 2013 to suggest that the gunfire was confirmed and damage was done."

    Also my favorite the oldie but baddie Amy Crawford parody site. Come on guy you have two days left. How about an update with some bad poetry?

    1. Oh my! Remind me again what we do for entertainment when we don't have clog-and-pearl-wearing Ohio attorney-gnomes running for public office to poke at with sharp pointy sticks?

    2. The parody tumblr is a thing of terrible beauty. It's unfortunate that such a tumblr is destined for so short an existence. I wish it had appeared weeks ago.

      As for the complaints that some of Cappleman's literature has been over the top I agree. I would have taken a more humorous tact, but the complaints that come from Crawford supporters do amuse me. The irony is almost too intense for me. Then "irony" is not a concept that Crawford supporters seem to get. The photo montage with Crawford in the center surrounded by female attorneys turned US Senators and Supreme Court Justices has an absurdity that those who don't have real lived experience of life can't seem to grasp. Perhaps it appeals to 19 year old volunteers from Depaul.

      As the self proclaimed non poet laureate and moral compass of Uptown I'm OFFENDED. I don't mind games being played, but I expect the game to be played well and the Crawford campaign and its humorless supporters aren't playing it well. One guy who was playing games in 2011 against Cappleman is back playing games using the same ID and this time he's claiming he supported Capp in 2011. He clearly supported Phelan in 2011 and is now supporting Crawford. Don't these self proclaimed social media experts ever utilize google search? He disappeared after I called him out on it, but then Everyblock has gone quietish the last week. I'm guessing TEAM AMY got to her supporters and explained that reporting every nocturnal fart as possible gunfire was counterproductive.

      Oh well I would suggest UU post a thread on the new tumblr if only to annoy TEAM AMY. Added benefit it would probably send Quarky completely off the rails. He kept posting the same damn thing under various twitter accounts over and over last night. "Map bad, map bad, fire, grrrrr, conspiracy, Aldertrack, Uptown Update, AAAAAAAAAAAHG".

      I'm waiting to see what games are played tomorrow. I'm guessing palm cards at polling places in Lakeview with Rahm/Amy and palm cards in Uptown with Chuy/Amy. I'd also expect lots of noctural farts to be reported tonight as gunfire, but that would be more likely crazed supporters than the campaign itself.

      In 32 hours we should have an idea who the victor is. The Janie come lately humorless attorney with no real background in the ward or the Energizer bunny who's worked for years to make the ward a better place.

  2. Note to self: Name my next band "Nocturnal Farts".