Thursday, April 23, 2015

Uptown Pantry Calls It A Day

S-L Pantry, aka U-T Pantry, aka Uptown Pantry, at Lawrence & Sheridan, is going out of business. The shelves are close to depleted, but everything that's left is half-price.  The entire building is now under the supervision of a court-appointed receiver, who told the owners of the convenience store that their lease would not be renewed.  And so they're closing up shop.

The entire intersection is undergoing a transformation, with the long-empty corner space in the ICA Building soon to be the new home of Lawrence House Pharmacy, and the drug dealers gone from the Weiss Plaza parking lot.

We'll be curious to see what happens to the entire building on the southeast corner as it continues to be in receivership.  It's a still-handsome vintage building that could be a great spot for the right business. We remember when it was the original home of Pasteur Restaurant in the 1980s and 1990s, before a fire closed it while the family who owned it was preparing for Taste of Chicago.

We wish the owners of the Pantry good luck in their next endeavor, and wait eagerly to see what happens next to that storefront.


  1. This sounds like great news. That corner has been notorious for years. So glad to see things changing in our neighborhood. It's about time that Sheridan sees some of the development that other parts of Uptown has experienced (i.e. west Wilson ave.). This is not a coincidence. Thankfully James won re-election.

  2. I went in UTP once to pick up some milk but their coolers were all warm. I told the guy working there and he was not worried about it. The aisles were so narrow it was creepy. For these reasons I never went back in. I also suspect their claim of full line of Mexican products was a lie.

  3. Oh no. how will the owners of the 10 other convenience stores in the 2 block radius handle the increased business