Wednesday, April 8, 2015

No CTA Closure Of Broadway This Weekend

The tracks have been removed from the overpass in preparation for demolition

Buh-bye. You won't be missed. Can't wait to see Broadway and Leland bathed in sunlight

The CTA continues the demolition of the old North Shore railway overpass at Broadway and Leland, which was until recently utilized by the Purple Line.  The traffic closure of the 4600 block of Broadway that was originally scheduled for this weekend has been canceled, but the demolition will go on.

We still encourage you to patronize the businesses on that block during the entire reconstruction process.

As for this weekend's demolition of the overpass, a spokeswoman says:
"There is a revised demolition plan in attempt to reduce the impact to community and residents of Uptown. The revised plan includes working on Saturday morning at the Majestic Building. Broadway will be open, there will not be a need for a full closure of Broadway for this weekend. The attempt is to work Saturday from 7am to 5 pm and throughout the week. This may eliminate (1) weekend closure. More details will follow once an assessment on progress is made with the revised plan.

For now, Broadway will be open this weekend and demolition is scheduled only for Saturday from 7am - 5pm." 

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