Friday, April 10, 2015

Introducing The Coffee Hour at Peoples Church

From Rev. Seth Fisher:

"Peoples Church of Chicago is officially launching The Coffee Hour this week. The goal of The Coffee Hour is for people of all faiths and philosophies to become better people and create a better world together.

Every Sunday at 11AM people are invited to come find out what's going on in our community and to catch up with neighbors. Each week there will be art from Uptown Arts Center and acoustic music on the auditorium stage (musicians welcome - bring an instrument), followed by some kind of program such as a creative writing workshop, serving a free lunch, a facilitated discussion, etc.

April 12th will feature a meditation group at 1PM. Guests will also learn about other events going on throughout the week, both at Preston Bradley Center and throughout Uptown. Every event listed is free and is something that feeds the soul and builds community in our neighborhood. The Coffee Hour - Caffeine for the soul!

For more information:
UU Note:  Peoples Church is located at the Preston Bradley Center, 941 West Lawrence, at Sheridan

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