Friday, April 3, 2015

I'll Drink To That! Final Aldermanic Debate This Evening

This long campaign is finally coming to an end, with Election Day just four days away.  The 46th Ward aldermanic candidates, Amy Crawford and James Cappleman, will meet for their final debate Friday on the CLTV show Politics Tonight, airing live at 6:30pm, and repeating at 9:30pm.

Buena Beach Bar & Grill will host a debate watching party Friday evening. Doors open at 6pm.  Join your neighbors in a half-price glass of wine, or order some of BBB&G's great appetizers or entrees.  Buena Beach Bar & Grill is located at 4250 North Marine, in the Imperial Towers building.

Then, it's up to you to make the magic happen.  Early vote on Friday or Saturday, 9am to 5pm, or vote on Tuesday in the runoff election.


  1. Half price wine? That's no good for drinking shots every time the Crawfordinator says an untruth.

    AC: I have been deeply involved in the ward for years. I attended many meetings. Meetings don't matter. Leadership. Proven something or other. Ideas. Casinos. No casinos. I'm a crimefighter. GRRRRR. ROWR. Independent. No one recruited me. Leaderfying. Pensions are sacrosanct. Pensions bad......grrrr.... Save me Quark. ChicagoMumma send a tweet stat.......I saw that line on ER. I was a doctor in a school play. I performed Shakespeare to world wise praise. To be or not to be...........YIKES..........Cry havoc........Once more into the breech my Shilleristas...........I'm an attorney........I got money from 4 count em 4 businesses on Broadway.Truth...truth..YOUCAN:THANDLETHETRUTH...........for this is the April of my discontent. Badges Badges We don't need no stinkin badges. I have come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass... and I'm all out of bubblegum

    IP: Just bring me the whole bottle I'm gonna chug it.

    Also I will miss this site after Tuesday night.

    Unless AC wins then maybe they will continue mocking her. I will be passed out in my tub pondering the implications of Littleton being made Minister of Culture for the ward and Ryne and the JPUSA's being put in charge of Law Enforcement under ward police coordinator Marc Kaplan.

  2. Here's another reason to vote Cappleman.

    Today this appeared over at Uptown Uprising under the Maryville thread:

    Judy Dziedzic Mascolino The 1% wins.
    Like · Reply · 1 · 53 mins

    Uptown Uprising Not for the long. They can eat their pheasant and drink their wine, but their days are numbered as bourgeois swine.
    Like · 51 mins

    Now I don't believe that a candidate should be blamed for the rage filled posts of one of their supporters and that goes here too. Uprising while supporting Crawford has also criticized her for flip flopping and I have no doubt young Ryne in his dream of being the new Che would love to line her up against a wall along with the rest of the bourgeois swine. Alan Mills might be the only local attorney who might survive a Commandante Ryne's reign of terror in Uptown.

    That being said do you really want that pompous not nearly as good looking as he thinks sex worker/revolutionary to be celebrating on Tuesday night over a Cappleman loss? Then add in LIttleton who while not having dreams of violent death to those who disagree annoyingly disrupts just about every public function he's allowed into in Uptown. Nope, can't let those eejits have any joyful celebrations over a return to the dystopic Uptown politics of the past.

    I do hold the Crawford campaign responsible for retweeing some of Quarky's over the top stuff. Now he's gotten relatively quiet the last few days, orders from Campaign HQ?, but if he farts while asleep he seemingly wakes up and reports it as gunfire. I kid. Sorta. His montage of Amy Crawford in the center surrounded by female attorneys who've gone on to the Senate or Supreme Court is precious though. I don't know if the Crawford campaign has retweeted that one. It may be a bit over the top even for them.

    Remember Keep Capp You Will Vote NOW.

    Four days folks. Early vote tomorrow if you haven't already and encourage your neighbors to do so also. It's real easy. In and out in a couple of minutes. Just bring the voter ID card the Board of Elections mails out.

    1. Apparently someone, TEAM AMY perhaps, reached out to Commandante Ryne and he changed his comment.

      Here is the revised comment you bougie swine:

      Uptown Uprising Not for long, because the people are going to rise and achieve a more equitable society where the one percent won't live as extravagantly like bourgeois swine. Their days are numbered living such a disgustingly unequal lifestyle. Had to rephrase because someone is an idiot and thought i was implying violence! Even though such was a chant at occupy protests all over the country!
      Like · 3 hrs · Edited

      By the way sign up early for the Uptown Uprising tour of Cuba and the Che Guevara Mausoleum. It hasn't been announced yet, but as soon as Uprising starts a kickstarter and sells a few thousand t-shirts of Che and Ryne morphed into one SUPREME LEADER then I'm sure it will be announced.

      The Crawfordites seem to be exerting more influence on some of their crazier supporters as we wind down the campaign. They must be taking a page out of the Che Guevara playbook:

      "Silence is argument carried out by other means."
      Che Guevara

      Seriously, in no way is the Crawford campaign anything like Che. Che was a physician turned revolutionary/murderer of children. Castro was the attorney. Then again Castro didn't work for Kirkland did he? Not many revolutionaries at Kirkland unless you count Robert Bork and he's still dead last time I checked and was a Reagan Revolutionary.

      Nope, Amy Crawford not in any meaningful way like Che or Castro. Thank the Lord for small favors.

  3. So, what falsities were tossed around by the candidates this evening?! I missed the entire thing, ugh!!

  4. WOW! I just noticed this for the 1st time: Uptown Update Visitors 10357793. That is impressive.