Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Final Vote Count In For Runoff Election

The final numbers are in from the aldermanic runoff, with provisional and absentee votes counted. 118 additional votes were counted in the 46th Ward, but the percentages remain the same:
  • JAMES CAPPLEMAN - 7,035 votes - 53.70%
  • AMY CRAWFORD - 6,065 votes - 46.30%
  • Total votes counted: 13,100
The candidates' quarterly accountings of campaign expenditures and donations (D-2s) as of March 31, 2015 are now online for your perusal. There will be more revealed about the final run-off numbers (April 7, 2015) when the next set of D-2s is filed on July 15th.


  1. I broke down the spending on the 46th Ward aldermaniac race and found some interesting things. What interesting things you ask? Well you could read this and find out. Basically the two campaigns spend a similar amount of money in somewhat different ways. The Capplecampaign spent $ on polling and the Crawfordian juggernaut spent $ on TV ads among other differences.

    The idea touted by the noted Crawford supporter with a growing list of multiple ID's and twitter Tourette's is that Rahm and real estate interests bought the election for the "Sonic Kid" against the underfunded underdog. If Crawford's campaign was underfunded I'd like to have a percentage of an overfunded campaign. There was likely more spending on the Capplebehalf, but it's also possible that the Crawford campaign outspent the Sonic Kid. We won't know for sure until the last weeks spending totals come in.

    Read it or not. Me I'm going over to Sonic.

  2. There were tv ads for this race? Sorry I missed them (not really). How did they have that kind of money left after sending me 500 promotional mailers (exaggeration).

  3. If anyone is still interested in the campaign finances of the recent aldermanic election I updated my post. You can find it here. On April 24th Amy Crawford donated, not lent, 42K to her campaign.

    I am now revising my suggestion that her campaign may have spent more money than was spent by and for the Cappleman campaign to LIKELY spent more than the Capplecampaign. Tune in mid July when I again update what was spent when further state disclosures come out.

    Between now and then stop by Sonic after 8pm and get yourself a shake! A 1/2 price shake. Pirates never pay full retail for anything!