Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Final Two 46th Ward Candidate Debates Televised Tonight and Friday

After a year and a half of campaigning, its hard to believe (and a bit of a relief) to know that we're in the final week.  Tuesday night we'll have a winner -- and at least a few years off from local campaigning.

If you're still on the fence about who to vote for, you'll have two more chances to see Ald. Cappleman and Amy Crawford go head to head discussing the issues.

  • Tonight they will meet on WTTW's Chicago Tonight.  It airs at 7pm, with repeats at midnight and 5am.  There's more about the show and the 46th Ward here.  The debate will probably be linked to the website after it airs.
  • On Friday, they'll be on CLTV's Politics Tonight at 6:30pm, repeating at 9:30pm.  The debate will probably be linked to the website after it airs.
  • Buena Park Neighbors will be holding viewing parties for the live debates on Wednesday and Friday at Buena Beach Bar & Grill, at Imperial Towers (4250 North Marine).  The doors open at 6pm.  There will be light refreshments, as well as food and drink specials.


  1. WOWIE. Video just in. I haven't watched it yet, but by all accounts it's 400 PERCENT exciting!

    Again I refuse to hyperlink. I'm feeling existential and think everyone should strive for perfection.


  2. Watching now. Meow.

    It's only a 9 minute video. First impression Amy needs to consult a gay man regarding her makeup. Bozo should not be used as a makeup maven. I know some people will think that's a nasty comment. It is. but you should see what I'm holding back. Ya gotta let me get one out. By the way I'm wearing a mumu right now and eating cookies as I type from the basement.

    Capp basically called her a liar regarding her claiming to have attended lotsa meetings. He's right. Although, in Amy speak it's just a question of nuance.

    She's claiming businesses along Broadway are supporting her. That's four businesses. WOWIE. Broadway runs what 10+ blocks in the ward and four businesses donated to her. WOWIE. CAPP got in a good dig at pay to play as he turned down the upzoning and lost the support of her biggest ward contributor. Well biggest contributor not named Amy Crawford. In fairness she only "lent' the money to her campaign. How much you ask. 85K WOWIE.

    Capp claimed that something like 90 percent of her donations come from her law firm. Depending on how you measure it that's likely true. She basically said it wasn't true. The bullshit is strong in her. Do you count total number of donations or total money donated? She has less than ten ward residents or businesses last time I checked that donated. The four Broadway donations. Plus Finans, Rutherfords, the minister who helped recruit her, one of her partners at her law firm, another lawyer active in the lesbian community and I think that's it. Perhaps I missed one or two but I don't think so.

    Broadway is Euro Auto, the architect, Bridgeview Bank and Crew. WOWIE. I think I established reasons why all except the bank may have donated to her. That one I don't know. Law firm connection? Unhappy Capp didn't do something they wanted zoning wise? Didn't they want to do something with their parking lot at one point?

    Not taking into account her own "loan" and her attorney buddies the money coming to her campaign from the 46th Ward largely seems to be people pissed off about zoning or potentially looking for upzoning. GOLLY. Now I already established the architect firm's connections to the Shilleristas so not counting Crew perhaps all her in the ward business type donations might be related to past or future upzoning questions.

    That Euro Auto connection is good. Preis donated to Nowatny and allowed Nowatny the use of his business for his campaign opener. Nowatny seemed to be the preferred candidate of the Shillers. Remember the Laura Washington column touting Don? Then this week she has a column extolling Amy Crawford and a Preis donation and meet and greet pop up. No matter what she does Amy Crawford is surrounded by ties to the Shillers.

    My favorite tie to the Shillers is this. Her newest campaign manager, he's still there right, was on the opposite side of an aldermanic race as Brendan Shiller on the south side. Didech is his last name. Amusing as hell. Even on opposing sides the ties still turn up between Team Amy and the Shillers.

    On to Tuesday and Victory! The Sonic shakes are on me at the Capp victory soiree!