Friday, April 3, 2015

Final 46th Ward Candidates Debate Available Online

CLTV's Politics Tonight aired the final 46th Ward candidates forum at 6:30pm.  Host Paul Lisnek and Aldertrack's Mike Fourcher asked questions of James and Amy, and each candidate asked the other a question as well. If you couldn't be at Debate Watch at Buena Beach Bar & Grill (where the drinks are strong and the pizza hearty), you can watch it online. Visit the Politics Tonight page here, and if you haven't voted, be sure to get out there Saturday (where you can register and vote on the spot) or Tuesday, where you can vote at your regular polling place. Almost done, folks!


  1. Amy says she is now open to adding units for mixed income and seniors. By that I mean housing units. Moderator also called her "Ms Cappleman". WOWIE. If those two get married that will be taking marriage to a whole new level that may nor may not offend pizza shop owners in Indiana. "Governor Pence two gay people want to marry one another, but they are of different genders. What do you say?" Pence: "AAGHIDUNNOINDIANAISAH-OHMY--HOLYAAAAAAGH".

    Here's an unbiased take on the debate. Ok it might be a bit biased. Amy is for development. Development good. Crime bad.

    Capp nailed her on pensions when she brought up the FOP endorsement. By pensions I mean her dueling pension comments. She has FOUR businesses on Broadway who support her. Capp is stealing from my comments. I'm ok with that kind of theft, but I expect a Sonic shake at the Cappleman victory soiree on Tuesday night. I'm thinking an Oreo peanut butter shake will satiate my taste for VICTORY.

    Amy said she's gone back and forth on casinos but today she is for casinos, TODAY. Don't ask about tomorrow. Someone should tell the IVI/IPOwhere in writing her campaign said she was against a casino. Then she told the Sun Times she was pro casino. Round and round she goes. She's like a carnival barker if only a carnival barker had less integrity.

    The link refers to a fourth segment where they make closing statements, but no such segment appears. Maybe they will add it later. I missed it earlier as I wasn't home. I feel confident in saying though that AMY won the segment that isn't showing by 400 percent. WOWIE.

  2. OMG. I just got an Amy Crawford negative pop-up ad when viewing a You-Tube video. I was forced to watch it just to see the video. Torture!

  3. Replies
    1. Yes it should and AFTER hemming and hawing and AFTER receiving the endorsement of anti gambling groups Amy Crawford is now pro casino. I think she's locked into that position. Well as locked in as someone as slippery as a slinky could be.

      The Hit of the day are you ready to's Slinky!