Thursday, April 30, 2015

CTA To Hold Community Meeting On Wilson Station Public Art

Portrait by Michael Mella
On Tuesday, May 12th, the CTA will host a community meeting about the public art installations it has commissioned for the new Wilson Station.  The meeting will be held 6pm-7pm at the Brightview Healthcare Centre, 4538 North Beacon.

Local residents and businesses are encouraged to attend and provide feedback on original artwork that will be created by world-famous artist and engineer Cecil Balmond, whose art installations can be seen at the link. Mr. Balmond will be in attendance and the opportunity will be afforded to dialogue with him about the community and how his art will reflect Uptown's character.

The art installation will take place after the station is completed in late 2017.  Public plans and renderings will be shared with the public as they are developed.  You can read a profile of Mr. Balmond and his prestigious career here.

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