Wednesday, April 8, 2015

A Little Wednesday Morning Quarterbacking

Whew. Local elections are over. Unlike four years ago, when the mayor's office and all three of Uptown's aldermanic offices were up for grabs, the incumbents all won second terms. While the runoff, as always, put the "manic" in "aldermanic," it wasn't as insane as it was in 2011 (we'll never forget the April election eve robocalls that claimed Cappleman had dropped out of the race, so be sure to cast a vote for Phelan!)  [Link has been corrected and updated]

Mayorally speaking, the three wards of which Uptown is a part are Rahm Country:
  • In the 46th Ward, out of 12,691 votes cast, Emanuel got 8,190 (64.53%)
  • In the 47th Ward (his home ward), out of 15,307 votes cast, Emanuel got 9,517 (62.17%)
  • In the 48th Ward, out of 13,053 votes cast, Emanuel got 7,700 (58.99%)
As far as the 46th Ward aldermanic results, Wednesday at 1pm they stand at:
  • 12,350 total votes cast (39 of 40 precincts reporting)
  • 6,645 votes (53.81%) for Cappleman
  • 5,705 votes (46.19%) for Crawford
Amazingly, there was a bigger turnout for the runoff than in the general election, so congratulations on your passion, 46th Ward!  In February, only 10,242 votes were cast in the aldermanic race.

Still no results from the 12th precinct, so there's been some equipment failure, we're guessing.  That's the precinct north of Montrose, immediately east of Clark. We'll keep an eye on that and the mailed-in ballots and post the official results in a few days.  It won't change the outcome of the overall race.

Cappleman did best in his home precinct, the 4th, with 66.86% of the votes cast there. Crawford did best in the 22nd precinct, where JPUSA's Friendly Towers is located, winning a whopping 78.6% of the votes there.  All in all, Cappleman won 27 of the 39 precincts reporting, and Crawford won 12. You can see the precinct-by-precinct breakdown here, and a ward map with the Cappleman/Crawford majorities from February here, courtesy of Aldertrack.

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