Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Have You Voted Yet? Your Neighbors Have

So, a freak snowstorm on the first day of early voting, and say what? The numbers are UP for the first two days?

More than 21,000 Chicagoans have taken advantage of early voting so far - more than any other early voting opening since it started.

In the 46th Ward (two offices to vote for), 393 of you early-voted (that's 1.37% of the registered voters in the ward).  In the 47th (one office), 453 did (1.36% of the registered voters). In the 48th (one office), 378 did (1.27% of the registered voters).

Will you be a decision maker, or will you be someone who stands by and watches while others make choices that affect you? Early voting is open every day through April 4th.  Details are here.

Aldertrack's chart of the first two days of early voting is here.

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