Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Cappleman Aldermanic Office Defaced Overnight

A reader sent in photos she took of the 46th Ward aldermanic office (4544 North Broadway), the front windows of which got covered in graffiti sometime overnight.  Apparently the vandal doesn't like gangs, drugs, "Capelman," "Emanual" or proper spelling.  (Really, Ace, the name you're going for is spelled properly just a few inches away!) Presumably they also didn't notice all the security cameras aimed right at the McJunkin Building, either.  Klassy.


  1. It's an OUTRAGE!

    Seriously people get weird around elections. This is likely some demented off their meds Uptown type who hates Rahmbo and Cappleman.

    On the other hand it could be some demented off their meds Uptown type who hates Garcia and Crawford and is trying to make them look bad.

    I blame no one except the individual or individuals who did this.

    This kind of shit happens as campaigns get more heated.

    Could be just some idiot who had one too many beers.

    I hope there's video though. That would be cool. Then we can crowdsource an ID

  2. Video WOULD be cool to see. I was first going to guess that it was Amy without both a secretary and spell-check...then I saw that whoever it was used both a green AND a blue writing instrument...and because of that (and since we know his oft-stated opinions on the subjects, ad nauseum), I'm going to guess that it's the neighborhood arTISTE whose name ends in 'ton' and the middle...well, you know. Remember, some people in the neighborhood think that graffiti is art!

    1. Yeah, "art." Check out the mural for the Public House Theatre at Clark/Byron...some artist decided to "improve" that mural by scribbling all over it recently; I saw it yesterday morning. Not a statement, even something as childish as "F**k Emmanuel". Not even a smiley face. Just scribbles so they could walk by later and show their punk friends how much guts they have.

  3. My favorite parody website, Amy Crawford dot com, is amusing today. We need a cop show based on this election.

    Law and Order: Uptown Selfie Intent. After last night's incident I might have to change the name of the show. Criminal selfies yesterday. Real criminality today. Yes, radicals, vandalism is a crime.

    I will be back with a script proposal shortly.

  4. Script Proposal

    Law and Order: Uptown Selfie Intent.

    Pretentious Narrator Voice: In the criminal justice system, Selfie based offenses are considered especially heinous. In Uptown, the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious crimes are members of an elite squad known as the Special Selfies Unit. These are their stories.

    Follow the links, but apparently it's illegal to take a pic of a completed ballot.

    I can imagine the fake outrage if Cappleman supporters had done such a thing and posted it. Quarky and his five ID's might just keel over from the stress. Then after the autopsy or five autopsies the story on DNA INFO would be "Medical Examiner Lists Manufactured Outrage and improbably tight anal sphincter" as cause of death.

    Of course as on all good cop shows there have to be two partners who are the main focus of the show. On LUCY(LOUSI-Law and Order Uptown Selfie Intent) the first partner would obviously be noted crime fighter Amy Crawford. The second choice is tougher. Can't be Littleton he wouldn't pass the psych evaluation. Quarky already keeled over. Couldn't be any of her JPUSA or CopWatch supporters. Her Kirkland supporters couldn't afford the pay cut and her Depaul volunteers probably are too young to be cops. Nope, it would have to be her best twitter follower Chicago Mumma. Given the anger evidenced in her tweets playing a cop probably wouldn't be that much of a stretch for her. For some reason I don't picture her living in Uptown though. My guess is she'd live a long way away. Probably NW side. Got to keep the show semi realistic as at the end of each show she would be seen returning home to her "mumma" role and kids. All cops have to have nicknames on TV. Our two heroines would be either "Craw and Mumma" or "Cagney and Lacey".

    On a more serious note I doubt the anti ballot photo law would hold up in court based on 1st Amendment grounds. It might just be a one episode show. Starts out with "Craw and Mumma" putting on kevlar, trailing and arresting a selfie offender as he's eating at Sonic after voting. The end of the show would show the law being simultaneously struck down and "Craw and Mumma" being stripped of their shields for excessive force after video of their vicious takedown of "Selfie Sam" goes viral. Of course if anyone remembers the Quinn Martin produced cop shows "LUCY" will have to have an epilogue. In the epilogue "Selfie Sam" will speak from a wheelchair about the 4 million dollar judgment the City quickly agreed to over his violent arrest and spilled Sonic Shake. His attorney: Brendan Shiller.

  5. I don't know if this is true ... a somewhat psychic southside friend told me that Chuy's son is (was) a gang banger -- if this is true, why hasn't Rahm shed a bit of light on that? Also, Obama's put off deciding the site of his future library because he wanted "to take the politics out of it" (??WTF??) tho' his decision seems to be predicated on the outcome ... and that's the issue that would get the "Polish" vote

  6. Garcia Junior's past is well-known, you don't need a psychic to read about it. Garcia Senior was on WTTW saying his son had gotten into trouble and is now at 31 a father and husband. Here's an article with some details about Samuel Garcia's past.

  7. Chuy's son is a banger idiot. Sadly it happens. He lived in Little Village and neighborhoods can have more of an effect on a kid than parents sometimes. Anyone know any families with a gaggle of kids and they're all good except one? In my family I am the bad one. I'm known as El Diablo by some in my family. Which is weird because we barely speak decipherable English never mind Spanish.

    As for the Prez LIbrary Rahmbo the Pander Rabbit seems to want to make the black community believe that only he can deliver the library. Seems at least partially to be a campaign tactic. Hell yesterday he suggested renaming the airports for President Obama. Probably not both airports, but if it would get him elected he would rename Chicago after the President or Doctor King or St. Patrick or Golda Meir or Ronald Reagan or President Juarez or etc etc etc. Hell why don't we just sell naming rights to the city.

    Donald Trump are you listening? Welcome to Trumptown: Rahm Emanuel Mayor.

    He's not the first Chicago politician to pander. The 1st Mare Daley renamed Crawford Avenue to Pulaski. As an alderman Toni Preckwinkle suggested renaming Lake Shore Drive to DuSable Drive. It's all stupidity. Rahm suggested changing Stony Island Avenue to Bishop Brazier Drive. Idiocy.

    Rahm is clearly scared of losing.

    1. I would like to be the first person to propose that Midway Airport's name be changed to Randy "Macho Man" Savage Airport (he's from Downers Grove). Slim Jim could help sponsor the new signage.

  8. They forgot to write:


    (I can't recall their "unique" way of spelling it)