Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Watch The Results Come In

There are two good places to watch the election results come in after 7pm, either the Chicago Board of Elections site, which seems the fastest to update, or the Chicago Tribune. Just keep refreshing the sites. Is it going to be a long night?  Runoff or clear victor? We should know by midnight.
We'll try to update in the comments.  Feel free to play along.

Update:  Final results from the Board of Elections:

In the 46th Ward:
  • AMY CRAWFORD 3,733 (37.66%)
  • JAMES CAPPLEMAN 4,635 (46.76%)
  • DENICE L. DAVIS 1,545 (15.59%)
  • Total Votes Cast: 9,913
  • There will be a runoff between Cappleman and Crawford on April 7th.
In the 47th Ward:
  • AMEYA PAWAR 9,740  (82.82%)
  • RORY FIEDLER 2,021  (17.18%)
  • Total Votes Cast: 11,761
In the mayoral race, the 46th went like this:
Emanuel 5858 votes (57.40%), Wilson 494 (4.84%), Fioretti 507 (4.97%), Garcia 3223 (31.58%), and Walls 124 (1.21%).

The 47th looked like this:
Emanuel 6231 votes (51.22%), Wilson 257 (2.11%), Fioretti 707 (5.81%), Garcia 4884 (40.14%), Walls 87 (0.72%)

The 48th voted like this:
Emanuel 5747 votes (52.18%), Wilson 441 (4.00%), Fioretti 540 (4.90%), Garcia 4140 (37.59%), Walls 145 (1.32%)


  1. I just checked UU archives.

    1st results in 46th came in by 7:30 in 2011 general and 7:19 in runoff

    I have a greasy pizza from Gigio's in front of me. I'm not wearing any clothing, my drapes are drawn and I have a Guinness IV pumping alcohol into my arm at the appropriate rate.

    I'm ready!

    1. I don't agree with the majority of the junk you say, but you sure are entertaining, and I like the way you operate. #ElectionNightBoozing

  2. 13 of 40 precincts reported:
    James Cappleman 1,428
    Amy Crawford 1,172
    Denice L. Davis 549

  3. Alderman 46th Ward
    21 out of 40 precincts (52.50 %)

    JAMES CAPPLEMAN 2,516 47.44 %
    AMY CRAWFORD 2,039 38.44 %
    DENICE L. DAVIS 749 14.12 %

  4. 21 of 40 precincts reported:
    James Cappleman 2,516
    Amy Crawford 2,039
    Denice L. Davis 749

  5. 65% of precincts reporting




  6. James Cappleman 3,291
    Amy Crawford 2,520
    Denice L. Davis 1,100

    Precincts reporting: 27 of 40, Last updated: February 24th 2015, 8:01:02 p.m.

  7. In other news Rahm V Chuy in a runoff extremely likely.

  8. 29 out of 40 precincts (72.50 %)

    JAMES CAPPLEMAN 3,416 46.54 %
    AMY CRAWFORD 2,722 37.08 %
    DENICE L. DAVIS 1,202 16.38 %

  9. 32 out of 40 precincts (80%)

    Cappleman would need 70 percent of the likely remaining vote to avoid a runoff. That is very unlikely.

    It's gonna be a runoff.

    James Cappleman 3,728
    Amy Crawford 2,991
    Denice L. Davis 1,335

  10. I would like to suggest that the partners of Kirkland and Ellis open their checkbooks because the forecast if for 6 more weeks of campaigning.

    I didn't think she could get 17 percent, but I would like to congratulate Denice for getting enough votes to force a runoff. Here's at ya! Thpppppt! You got your base out in a low turnout election and now Amy has to kiss your ring. No way Denice would support Cappleman.

    If Cappleman had avoided a runoff I was going to suggest Denice missed an opportunity to pluck the Crawford campaign pigeon of a whole lot of consultant money. Money largely supplied by her Kirkland partners. Well Cappleman didn't avoid the runoff and that spigot is likely back on. I'm relatively sure Denice Davis and her supporters will be getting plenty of organizing cash from the Crawford campaign.

    Bon Apetit.

    Nothing is easy in this ward is it. Then again nothing worth having comes easy.

  11. I'm seeing some unhappy comments on the UU Facebook page.

    Turn those frowns upside down Capplemaniacs because there's work to do.

    Tonight in the 46th Ward Cappleman and his supporters got spanked. Now sometimes a spanking is a good thing. Other times it's a bad thing. This time it was a wakeup thing. It was also a bad thing, but I digress.

    I admit I didn't see a runoff as being likely. I pictured a 14,000 vote election in the ward. Didn't even get to 10,000 votes. In a 14,000 vote election Cappleman likely would have won easily. I foresaw Davis's 1500 votes. I just didn't foresee the pathetic overall turnout. Davis got her voters out..(shakes angry fist in air at Davis ala Colonel Klink and Hogan)

    People are much more motivated generally to vote against someone than to vote for someone. Tonight the against someone votes triumphed over the for someone votes. In April we need to change that dynamic.

    We need to work hard to make sure that in six weeks we have a 14,000 vote runoff. With Rahm v Chuy we might see that. Once the precinct numbers come out I will have to look to see where our two contenders did well or not. I will also be closely looking to see how well Mister Personality, Rahm, did in various precincts.

    Cappleman is the favorite for the April runoff, but that is by no means a sure thing. Now I have no desire to speculate tonight on what kind of Alderman Amy Crawford would be. I really don't know. I'm not even sure she knows. I do know that's she's a bright connected hard working individual and she's not going to be easy to defeat.

    I also don't even want to contemplate whatever deal she may come to get Denice Davis's support. Most likely it will just be organizing/consultant cash for Denice and her hardcore supporters. Payday might be coming Cortez! That's perfectly legal and legitimate.

    It could also mean Denice back in the Alderman's office as Chief of Staff and that idea sickens me. That would be a perfectly legal too. Perhaps Denice would angle for something else. I don't know. I do know she will try for something. I would and while I loathe Denice and everything she stands for. I don't underestimate her skills in turning out her base.

    She worked hard for the last 18 months or so and it shows in her 1500 vote total and the runoff.

    Lie Down and Bleed Awhile and Rise and Fight Again(Supposedly an Irish Proverb). I suspect many cultures have something similar. Time to bleed tonight Capplemaniacs because tomorrow the sun will come up and we have six more weeks of work ahead of us.

    That means I want to start seeing Cappleman signs in residential windows and people showing up to vote. Get to it!

  12. I just looked at the precinct numbers. Crawford's strength is largely in Lakeview. She also won a plurality of the vote in a Buena Park precinct right on Irving Park and in one Sheridan Park precinct and in the 22nd precinct.

    She won 7 Lakeview precincts out of 13. The 22nd precinct is the home of my JPUSA friends. Now Davis got 39 percent of that precinct compared to Crawford's 45 percent. VERY INTERESTING.

    Looks like Denice won ONE precinct outright and the plurality in three others.

    Total 46th ward vote: 9913. In 2011 it was just under 14,000. PHooey.

  13. Rahmbo got 57% of the vote in the 46th. Won all but 3 precincts. Chuy got 32%. Won 3 precincts. Chuy did well where Denice did well.

    Rahmbo did better in Lakeview than the rest of the ward generally.

    May you live in interesting times.(Chinese Curse) We have an interesting 6 weeks ahead of us.

  14. Don't mess with this Rahm Emanuel guy, you see what happens when he does not win a majority? He takes out Patrick Kane and Derrick Rose in one night. Take that Chicago.