Saturday, February 7, 2015

Uptown Man Dies From Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Thursday

Authorities have determined that a faulty hot water heater leaked enough carbon monoxide to cause the death of a man living on Winona late last week. We were informed of his address and identity, but didn't want to release it until we were certain his family members had been notified.

We are sad to say that Steven Langerock, age 44, of 1043 West Winona, was the victim of the accidental poisoning in his apartment.  Our condolences to those who knew and loved him. Visitation will be held next Wednesday, with services on Thursday.  Details are here.

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  1. So sad to lose a dear friend to a horrible accident. You were a good friend and wonderful neighbor. Always willing to help out in times of need. He was one of several friends who helped me pack up our Chicago condo to move back to MA in 2010. We kept in touch frequently after the move, and I was able to visit several times after my career took me to Milwaukee. He was always willing to put me up for a few nights when I visited, and we would have fun and adventure. I will miss you . . .