Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Kittens and Crawdads, Get Over to Shake Rattle & Read's 49th Anniversary Sale

If you haven't been to Shake Rattle & Read yet, you are missing out!  Conveniently located right next door to the Uptown Theater at 4812 North Broadway, you will not only find a great selection of books and vinyl, but if you're lucky you will have a chance to talk to Ric Addy and hear some of his stories about Uptown's rock scene over the years.  (Our favorite, hearing about Sean Lennon coming in before a show to buy old magazines featuring his father, to give to his mother.)  Luckily for us all, there's a big sale going on this weekend to celebrate SRR's mind-boggling 49th anniversary!  More below in their own inimitable words.

"This may be the only 49th anniversary sale Shake Rattle & Read will ever have. And in honor of that we are giving great deals. First time look sees at product from the vaults of this eternal institution of amazing you ain't gonna find it no wheres else. This year we are dipping the ladle in the cream and bringing up the cream. It is more an event than we have ever evented. Yeah, new words are one of the things we are offering this year. That's a freebie. But dig it kittens and crawdads, this is a calendar setter. This is the Altamont of Shake Rattle & Read sales. You miss this, you done. Hang your jersey from the rafters, you done. It's all on the block-this time is the right time-make it your time-Shake, Rattle and Read."

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