Wednesday, February 4, 2015

47th Ward Aldermanic Candidates to Hold Forum

Finally some action in the 47th Ward aldermanic race, where Ameya Pawar is being challenged by Rory Fiedler.

According to DNAinfo, the two will participate in an aldermanic forum on Wednesday, February 11th.

"The forum will be held at 7 p.m. at Bell Elementary, 3730 N. Oakley Ave.  Ben Joravsky, political columnist for the Chicago Reader, will moderate.  Have a question for the candidates? Send it to by Feb. 9."  Read the entire article here.


  1. Rory Fiedler is so going to get clobbered on election night he should carry his own crime scene tape and place it around the building he holds his "victory" soiree in.

    Well race fans here's some more information on the financials of our aldermaniac race. Remember in 20 days I will either be mocking the losing candidates or crying into a keg of Guinness and cursing the Almighty. I'd bet on the former though.

    First, let's look at the Amy Crawford campaign financials. From January 1st thru today she's reported ten donations totaling $14,500. Six of those donations, $6500, came from lawyers at her firm. Three donations came from others outside the ward and not working at her firm. ONE donation came from the ward. That is $5000 from Judith Rutherford. My good friends the Rutherfords must really hate Cappleman because over the years they donated over $30,000 to candidates not named Cappleman or Shiller: Reed, Nowatny, Phelan and now Crawford. Seriously, considering the amount of negative feeling in Sheridan Park toward the Rutherfords I wonder if the Crawfordian juggernaut realizes how much that contribution is going to cost them. Then again given Amy's relative lack of civic engagement in the ward prior to announcing perhaps it's not surprising she might not have known.

    Now let's take out the abacus and add in the donations since January 1st with the donations she took in earlier and see what we get. I will not be looking at the $35,000 loan or $3 contribution she made to her own campaign.

    So far using those criteria Crawford is reporting 142 individual donations totaling $120,151. That ain't bad for a challenger.

    FOUR people in the ward have donated money to her which amounts to $7501.

    In other words roughly 6 percent of her cash donations and 3 percent of her contributors live in the 46th ward. Even one of those donations came from an attorney at her firm. Sigh. The others largely seem to have no business interests in the ward. There is a former ONE type individual who lives in Edgewater on her contribution list and perhaps a few others I was unfamiliar with who have interests in our fine ward.

    Approximately $75,000 of her donations come from Kirkland attorneys.

    Approximately $10,000 comes from attorneys not working at Kirtland.

    Now my abacus tells me that means approximately 70 percent of her donations are coming from the legal community.

    It's good to be a candidate who works for one of the top law firms in the country!

    Next let's look at what Denice has reported............well outside the CTU donation she's reported nothing since January 1st.

    Cappleman in a followup comment.

    1. I'm not even going to break down the Capplemaniac donations like I did Crawfords. Too much work. Quick glance tells me that as of today he's reporting around 40 grand in new donations since January 1st. Mostly local business and real estate interests with some union cash too. The big difference, let's call it THE BIG DIFFERENCE, is that most of Cappleman's donations seem to be coming from individuals or businesses with 46th ward ties. He even got some from attorneys! Don't tell Amy. She probably feels all donation from attorneys should go to her campaign.

      My guess is that if you take campaign debt out of the picture Cappleman probably has about a 20-40 thousand dollar cash advantage going into the final weeks. Amy has more debt so if you take that out of the equation it might be 5-25 grand in advantage for the Capplemaniac.

      Now her campaign literature keeps touting her endorsement by FOP(Fraternal Order of Police), but unless they throw in some independent cash into the race Cappleman can likely outspend her easily if he chooses to. Cappleman is also welcome to tout the endorsement he just received from a different FOP(Fractious Order of Pirates). I am the founder, President and sole member of said esteemed brotherhood. It has about as much relevance as some of the other endorsements Amy is touting. A quick google search tells me that my buddies over at Everyblock are extolling some group called POP46. POP46 seems to have ties to some of the low income housing managers in the ward. Woohoo. They also endorsed Denice. How do you endorse two candidates in a one victor election? IVI-IPO endorsed the dreaded due of Crawford and Davis too. EEJITS.

      Make a choice IVI-IPO/POP46 or just don't endorse. The game has rules. Either play by the rules or find another sandbox.

      Her Kirkland fundraising faucet seems to be dripping at this point. You can only go back to the same non 46th ward well so many times. Cappleman has at least one more big fundraiser planned and given the way campaign money tends to flow toward winners the last few weeks I would expect his campaign to take in another 30-60 grand easily. By the way rumors that I will be appearing at his fundraiser dressed as Mata Hari are completely wrong. I have arranged with Sonic corporate HQ to be dressed as their new mascot which looks like a giant milkshake and is named Tommy the Twerker.

  2. Any expectations as to the turnout at the Peoples Church event? Weather will be good tomorrow. Any other forums planned?

  3. I wanted to update my earlier comments with an update. Update we have an Update.

    Amy's campaign is reporting two new donations from ward residents for a total of $3000 in additional dolares. Oops, sorry I'm lying. The amount is correct, but the donations are from two Kirkland attorneys both of whom live outside the limits of our fair city. Oh well. It spends anyway! You didn't really think Amy would get two donations in a row from ward residents did you? Not likely. One I could see, but two? Please.

    Cappleman has taken in an additional $4000 from the usual suspects so both of our money raising candidates are performing as expected.

    Davis is not reporting any new cash; however, she does have a fabulous new t-shirt which is available at her office.

    I think she should replace the Crown with a "GELE" which I think is the name of the type of head scarves she wears. I could be wrong. I am no expert on fashion. Now one piece toilets I know. Toto makes a great toilet.

    Speaking of toilets here's a new idea for a t-shirt for campaign Davis. I kid the Davis campaign. At least in 17 days at right about this time when the results are streaming in and it's clear she's lost overwhelmingly Denice can tell her supporters she did her best and made a valiant effort.

    Ms Crawford............not so much.

    I hired a cracker jack investigator to investigate Amy Crawford for me. His name is G O Ogle. He got his special badge from a Cracker Jack box and found some mildly interesting things.

    Here are two donations that Amy Crawford made to political candidates in the past.

    1. Amy Crawford (Unemployed/Lawyer), (Zip code: 60640) $1000 to OBAMA FOR AMERICA on 09/09/08

    2.Crawford, Amy CHICAGO, IL 60640 Self-employed/Political Consultant $500 01/22/2009 P FRIENDS OF SARA - Democrat

    Apparently Amy worked for Kirkland and Ellis for two years and then left to be a law clerk for a federal judge. Then she worked for the Obama campaign and then may have fancied herself a "political consultant" for a few days there.

    Kirkland & Ellis, LLP
    January 2009 – Present (6 years 2 months)

    Honorable Philip P. Simon, United States District Court for the Northern District of Indiana
    2006 – 2008 (2 years)

    Kirkland & Ellis LLP
    2004 – 2006 (2 years)

    All I gotta say is stick with the law Amy because if this campaign is representative of your political consulting skills.............nuff said.

  4. Litttttttleeeeton,

    Where R U gon 2 B seated during this afternun's festivities. I'm not sure of the lighting at that theater and there may be no glare off your hair to light my way.

    This may be the last forum with all 3 candidates and since I've only seen Amy C once in my entire three decade existence in Uptown I don't want to miss this last chance. I figure after she loses in 16 days she will go back to being non seen just like she was prior to her announcement. Oh the hubris on my part.

    Man, if I'm wrong on that the judgement from on high is going to be biblical. I'm talking Old Testament not this love thy neighbor crap out of the New Testament. Locusts, fire from the sky, my Netflix membership being cancelled.........AAAAAAA

    Just leave a message on Everyblock. I refuse to create an account there because unmoderated comments sections always devolve into mayhem and silliness. Thank JL