Tuesday, February 10, 2015

46th Ward Candidates Respond to Windy City Times' Questionnaires

Here's something a little different.  Windy City Times, which focuses primarily on LGBT issues, put all the responses it received to candidate questionnaires on its website.  All three 46th Ward aldermanic candidates responded; apparently neither 47th Ward candidate did.

"In this election cycle, Windy City Times mailed questionnaires to every registered citywide and aldermanic candidate, to their address on file with the board of elections.  The questions were about a wide range of issues, LGBT, HIV/AIDS, minimum wage, crime, youth experiencing homelessness, and more."

There are links to all the responses it received here.  Here are links to the 46th Ward responses:


  1. Plese sum1 tel/ask the Davis campaign NOT to fill out any mor questaires. The spelling and grammer is 'orrible. I'm Ciriuus. Just don't.

    They must have at least one volunteer with the basic knowledge of how to form a somewhat coherent sentence in American English, right?

    That's a rhetorical question.

  2. Yep. I thought the same thing, almost felt sorry for them.

  3. Surprises there is not more political chatter on UU. What is up with the Trib and Sun-Times hating on Cap?

    1. ST not a surprise given the Mark Brown columns regarding pigeons.

      Tribune didn't endorse Cappleman last round in 2011. Given a corporate attorney or a social worker.......they are gonna take the corporate attorney nearly every time. Nature of their editorial board.

      I just got in from walking my pet labradoodles Beezle and Bub. One of my neighbors said she got a robocall poll with only one question regarding the aldermanic race. Hopefully the results will be out tomorrow or maybe Sunday. I'm hoping for some Cappleriffic results so I can taunt the folks over at Everyblock Uptown.

      If you're jonesing for some Uptown political chatter head over there. I check it out every few days just for the lunacy. I suggest you just read it though and not engage in it. Insanity may be contagious over the internet.