Sunday, January 11, 2015

Wilson/Magnolia Retail Building Acquired In Short Sale

Photo from Google Streetview (we love that the hardworking CleanSlate crew is on Google)
According to, Cedar Street Properties (the parent company of FLATS) just bought the retail building at 4600 Magnolia, the one most of us know as "the Starbucks building."

Taking up a half block and fronting on Wilson, it was acquired for $750,000 cash in a short sale.

While the article says Starbuck's will remain there after the sale, there are a lot of empty storefronts that we hope to see filled soon.

According to REjournals, this is the fifth Wilson Avenue property that Cedar Street has acquired.  You can read the entire article here.

What sort of businesses would you like to see in those storefronts?


  1. This is very good news. The previous ownership didn't take very good care of the parkway in front of the building.

  2. Wasn't that property owned by Harry Langer at one time? I recall when the owner provided space for a CAPS office years ago. How did the bank end up with the property?

  3. In years past, we'd get a scrap of possible good news about development in Uptown every once in a while. Now, the good news just keeps rolling in. Again, thanks for all involved in making this happen and for supporting Uptown.

  4. A Metropolitan Brewery brewpub would be a nice fit there!!

  5. I had never heard of this place before and I've never been there, but it's my suggestions for this space. Yummy.

    The other spaces can be a Littlelton twerking studio, Littlelton Crayola Emporium, Denice Fashion Outlet, and of course an empty storefront with an Amy Crawford sign in the window. Said emptiness nearly perfectly representing the sum of her prior involvement in the neighborhood. Perhaps we can put an empty chair in the emptiness with a Cappleman sign on it since her main problem with the Capplemaniac seems to be that he isn't her. Her "platform" seems very much like his except that she has LVI. Leadership, Vision Integrity. Lather, rinse repeat.

    Oh I forgot she's also a "pragmatic leader". Somehow I would think leadership would involve being heavily involved in your neighborhood before announcing your candidacy, but that's so old fashioned of me. I need a donut.

  6. With specific plans like that, how could you 'not' vote for her?