Friday, January 23, 2015

League of Women Voters To Sponsor 46th Ward Candidate Debate

From an email:
"Dear 46th Ward Residents:

The League of Women Voters of Chicago is  sponsoring a candidate forum for the 46th Ward aldermen candidates.  The Forum will be held on Sunday, February 8, 2014 at 2:00 pm.  The location is The People's Church at 941 W. Lawrence.

Please notify your members of this event.

Thank you,

The League of Women Voters of Chicago"


  1. I skipped the Holiday Club event because of the small size of the venue. People's Church should easily hold the number of people who attend. Worth going just to see their theater. I assume it's being held in their theater. Wonderful space.

    The Demera event was nice. All three candidates presented themselves well or wellish. How DD turned an event focusing on business and economic development into her feelings about school closings is another issue. Her outfit was interesting. Can you say RED? I knew you could. Her clothing choice looked like a combination of Medusa from Greek Mythology and the Cantina scene in Star Wars. JC and AC were dressed in business casual attire.

    Denice spoke a bit too fast, but that's too be expected for a first time outing in that type of event. She is also going for the Jeffery Littleton vote as she talked about his ideas on using art to promote economic development. I wish I was making that up. Cappleman came off as his usual quietish self and except for her facial expressions when the others were talking Amy Crawford came off well too.

    Bit of advice to Amy and it's the last real advice you will get from me as I'm scheduled to go into full hate my candidate's opponent mode on February 1st--learn to mask your emotion when your opponents are speaking. It looked like you needed to be burped a few times when the others were speaking.

    Both Cappleman and Davis were better and not showing much facial expression when their opponents were talking. I would say they're better at keeping a "straight" face, but that could lead to a joke and while I have no problem with jokes I haven't come up with a good one. That's a sad thing for me. Joking hides my self loathing and the jealousy I have of Littleton for being a superior crayola artist than me. Sniff. I need to head to the liquor store now.

    1. Really? Amy left her poker face at home, during a public political event?? Any attorney worth her salt learns right off the bat in her nascent career to not give away emotion, whether it be in court or during negotiations, because that lets the other side figure out what you're doing and what's important. That little slip by Amy tells me that she isn't everything she paints herself to be--no reputable law firm is going to let a loose-cannon attorney like that take the lead alone on any case that involves lots of money or precedent, so I'm guessing that there's as much pumping up about her legal work as there is about her community presence and community volunteering that no one seems to have seen before. Inflated balloons are easy to pop, and they also easily get blown miles away when they aren't held securely. Maybe someone hasn't figured out that there are a lot of sharp points and strong winds in Uptown....

  2. Bear,

    did you take Lionel? I know bears and lions are ancient enemies. Sort of like vampires and werewolves, Cubs and Sox fans, reptiles and mammals, Satan and St. Michael, and Star Wars and Lord of the Rings fans.

    Denice has a vid up on her site of her talking at the Demera event. I haven't watched it yet because I need more alcohol in my system before I can work up the courage to look. Crawford is on Denice's left and behind her as she speaks. You be the judge.
    Jan 22nd at 4:32 I can't figure out how to post a direct link.

    Here's something that came into my email earlier from the BPN event. Haven't watched it yet.

    I actually thought Crawford did well in the Demera debate. She didn't say much of anything, but that's typical for a POL. Crime blah blah blah. Development blah blah blah. I will need to see some video to refresh my memory. They all came off ok, but Denice did speak too quickly.

    I don't put much faith in debates. Back in 92 a now deceased senator named Paul Tsongas ran for Prez against Bill Clinton. Tsongas came off as a bit Elmer Fuddy because of a slight speech impediment. By the time the primary was held in Illinois that year, St. Pat's Day, Clinton had effectively sown up the nomination. It was too bad for the democratic party and the nation because what Tsongas lacked in slimy debate skills he made up for in decency and policy wonkishness.

    He had no "zipper failure" in his future. Bill Clinton is a great debater and great campaigner and I half expect some legitimate rape allegation to derail his wife's run. I consider him about a half step behind Bill Cosby in that category. He was even buddies with that Florida? millionaire accused of supplying underage sex slaves to some Prince of the UK. Tick tick tick. I can just picture him saying "it depends on what your definition of the phrase "sex slave" is. Lip quivering.

    ARRRRRRRRRRGH. Great Clinton V a Bush or a Romney. Who says we're a meritocracy?