Friday, January 16, 2015

Flashback Friday: January 1979

This picture appeared in the Tribune, which captioned it,
"Chicago continues the battle against a huge snowstorm as a truck passes a car covered
with snow from the great blizzard at Lawrence Avenue and Clark Street on Jan. 24, 1979.
— Charles Osgood, Chicago Tribune"
This was the scene 36 years ago this month, about ten days after the famous "Blizzard of '79" hit the city.  This photo was taken looking west on Lawrence from about halfway between Clark and Ashland.  Aside from the Standard gas station sign being gone (it's now Lawrence & Ashland Auto Service), the landscape hasn't changed much since then.  You can see more of the Tribune's photos from the storm and its aftermath here.

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  1. Can we get a campaign related thread?

    Purdy please?

    I promise to limit myself to minor profanity. Well I will try. Not really.

    In another flashback Friday the quarterly reports required by the state that candidates file came out yesterday.

    Here are the three reports from the 46th triumvirate of candidates.

    In ballot order as determined by an elimination round of Bozo's grand prize game here are the reports.




    Not much interesting in Cappleman's report. The usual 46th Ward business/real estate interests with a smattering of residents. Walmart and U Haul gave him money too. Let's get that out there so the opposition twerking can begin. Also some people named Denny gave to Cappleman. Some of those people also donate to Republicans. If you want to see a smorgasbord of Republican contributors check out Crawford's contributions. Also check out her contributors for Democratic contributors. She has some prolific contributors there and both dems and gop'ers are well represented.

    Davis took in virtually NOTHING, but on the 13th of this month reported a $2500 contribution from the Chicago Teachers Union. Let's sing. Congrats to the Denician campaign of Doom. Given the shoestring type campaign she runs that's a good "get" for her.

    Crawford. She reports 133 itemized contributions totaling $105,654.

    She also reports making a loan to her own campaign of $35,000 which is NOT reported in those numbers and a $3 contribution to her own campaign.

    So let's take out her own contribution and not look at the loan and see where her money is coming from.

    132 Contributions


    THREE people in the ward have donated money to her which amounts to $2501.

    In other words fewer than 3 percent of her cash donations and 3 percent of her contributors live in the 46th ward. Even one of those donations came from an attorney at her firm. Sigh. The others largely seem to have no business interests in the ward. There is a former ONE type individual who lives in Edgewater on her contribution list and perhaps a few others I was unfamiliar with who have interests in our fine ward.

    She's largely taking in cash from attorneys at her firm and other attorneys. She's also gotten some money from people in Ohio named Crawford. I'm not the suspicious type, but one of those people is named "Joan Crawford". If I see a "Broderick Crawford" on the list in the future I'm going to get very suspicious.

    Quick trivia question film buffs. Which psychological western with lesbian overtones did Joan Crawford star in? No, John Wayne was not in the movie. Sterling Hayden was though. There's a hint. I'm waiting. Ok, I see I am the only film buff here. "Johnny Guitar".

    What does that have to do with the race. Nothing. It's just a great movie and will slightly deflect from the well researched and deserved hit job I just did on campaign Crawford. Smiles. Wait, damn, did my booty just involuntarily twerk? I hope it's not contagious.