Thursday, December 4, 2014

See How Uptown's Public Schools Stack Up

CPS has come out with a new "report card" for its schools, and a new way to rank them academically. According to the Sun-Times, it goes like this:

1+: Highest level
1: Second-highest level
2+: Third-highest level
2: Fourth-highest level
3: Lowest level

Here's how Uptown's schools rate:

2013-2014 rating
2014-2015 rating
+ / -
Brennemann Level 1 Level 1 no change
Courtenay* Level 1 Level 1 no change
Disney Level 1 Level 1+ up one level
Goudy Level 1 Level 1+ up one level
Greeley** Level 1 Level 1 no change
McCutcheon Level 2 Level 1 up two levels
Uplift Level 2 Level 2 no change
Decatur*** Level 1 Level 1+ up one level

You can read more about it in the Sun-Times and see ratings for all of CPS's 600-plus schools.

* Scores went down, but Barbara Byrd-Bennett used her discretion to keep its rating the same, based on the fact that it is a "welcoming school" with much of the student body new to the school.
** Not in Uptown, but attended by children who are Uptown residents
*** Rumored to be moving to the former Graeme Stewart campus in Uptown from its current location.

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