Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Helen In The Headlines

Nearly four years after she stepped out of the alderman's office, former 46th Ward alderman Helen Shiller is still making headlines.

In sum:
  • One of Uptown's three aldermen, Ameya Pawar (47th Ward), is trying to kickstart a bit of reform in the City Council through the creation of an independent budget office to review the financial ramifications of proposed actions to be voted on by the City Council (two words: Parking Meters)
  • One of his constituents, Helen Shiller, applied for the job.
  • Ald. Pawar doesn't think Helen is the most qualified candidate.
  • Ald. Carrie Austin, who served on the Council for many years with then-Ald. Shiller, thinks Helen is very qualified.
  • Stalemate!
  • Now Ald. Pawar is pressing the mayor to make a decision and break the stalemate.  He posted on his Facebook page, "Reform takes endurance--so I'll keep plugging away on independent budget office."
Read more about it in the Sun-Times.  (Photo illustration from the defunct website, Helen's Money.)


  1. Carrie Austin is not interested in filling this position with someone who is qualified. It is very simple and obvious. Nothing against Shiller personally, but she is not qualified for this position. We need someone with a forensic accounting background. I will also say that most people who are qualified for the job don't want it. (Just my opinion.)