Saturday, December 27, 2014

Before The Nigerian Kitchen, There Was 7 Heavens

With the recent closing of Nigerian Kitchen at 1363 West Wilson, the storefront is engaging in some sign archeology.  The removal of the Nigerian Kitchen sign reveals one for 7 Heavens Food, which apparently offered free delivery and was open until midnight.

While many readers probably don't remember seeing 7 Heavens Food, some of you might probably shopped there.  A quick Google search reveals that it was incorporated in 1989 and presumably opened around that time.  We have no idea how long it was open.  Anyone remember?

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  1. I was mugged in front of Seven Heavens by a group of teen girls. They had just mugged a man a block away at an atm. I screamed and yelled and fought back. They got nothing from me, but some hair they pulled out. I went into Seven Heavens after the offenders left and called the police. The clerk who had to have heard what was happening in front of the store, never called the police or stepped out to see what the commotion was about. He was more concerned about not getting involved than helping someone. I ended up waiting outside for the police and riding around for 45 minutes with the cops, looking for the offenders. We did not see them. Seven Heavens was a convenience store like others on Wilson, the merchandise is so old you wonder how are they still in business.