Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Sheridan Repaving Underway

A reader sent in these photos and says,

"Hi Uptown Update, I remember reading about how Sheridan would be resurfaced this year, but I still hadn't seen any real info about it other than Cappleman's newsletter from the summer with dates about Sheridan under the L tracks.

Well here's two photos with concrete dates. There's a concrete cutter out now preparing the curb and sidewalk sections that will be replaced. There's also a ton of barricades at Sheridan and Buena.

It looks like in theory they'll be done by the 15th. I'm not sure how much faith I give that though as it's already 6 days into their work window and very little has happened so far.

Regardless, in less than two weeks we should have a lovely stretch of pavement from Dakin on the south side to Sunnyside on the north. That's one more pothole filled road to cross off the avoid list during the winter."

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