Monday, November 24, 2014

Prospective Candidates Throw Their Hats In The Ring

Today was the deadline for candidates running for city offices in February 2015 to file their nominating petitions with the Board of Elections, and this is how it all shakes out for Uptown:

46th Ward:
  • Signatures were submitted for James Cappleman, Amy Crawford, and Denice Davis for Alderman.
47th Ward:
  • Signatures were submitted for Rory Fiedler and Ameya Pawar for Alderman.
48th Ward:
  • Apparently Harry Osterman will be running unopposed, since he is the only candidate to file nominating petitions.
What's next?  Citizens and candidates have the option of formally challenging or objecting to signatures on candidates' petitions, citing various criteria including non-valid or duplicative signatures that would put the total number under 473.  The Board of Elections will begin holding hearings on the validity of such challenges in December, before the ballots are finalized.

For the record, there are several wards with seven to ten candidates submitting petitions, but nothing compares to the Seventh Ward, with a monster sixteen candidates filing.  Glad that's not in Uptown.  FYI, there are ten candidates running for mayor of our fair city.

So, sit back, enjoy the campaign literature coming your way (unless you live in the 48th Ward), and make an informed decision about who you want to vote for on February 24th.

1 comment:

  1. Whew.......Thank the Almighty Denice is staying in da race!

    Only 1400 or so signatures on the petitions though? Cappleman had what 3 times that number? I don't know how many Crawford had.

    I taut I saw a puddy cat. I thought I saw a comment from the DD campaign at some point that there were over 3000? signatures. Must be the alcohol having an effect on my teeny brain. Seriously I might be imagining it. Just like Denice might be imagining she has a chance to be alderman.


    I looked at the DD campaign financial filings and still not one donation over 1 thousand dollars. That must hurt. Crawford's been raising cash from her fellow attorneys by the wagon load. Cappleman's been raking in the dolares too.

    Nada for Denice. That and only 1400 signatures. Hardly the tsunami of support Denice expected I imagine. I mean even my good friend Ryne from Uprising gave money to the socialist running in Pilsen. Money for socialists in Pilsen and no greenback love for Denice? On behalf of all Uptown I am ashamed for you, Ryne. Hopefully, he gave 999 dolares just to stay under the reporting requirement.

    As always I'm trying to think of a song that could epitomize the DD campaign. Since I am a baby boomer one song immediately came to mind.

    I do love me some local elections! Seriously, it brings joy to the dark abyss that is my existence. Thank you Denice for being the clown in the clown car of Uptown politics!

    I would also like to complement Jeffrey Littleton for a comment he made at Everyblock. I was reading through there looking for stuff earlier and he made a funny. To paraphrase "The Davis campaign doesn't need any help not raising money."

    I shall refrain from making any Littleton twerking comments until at least next month. Which is a whole six days away.