Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Holy Metamorphosis, Batman!

See the Aragon (1106 West Lawrence) and the Red Line stop get transformed into part of the set for Superman vs. Batman, filming there today and tomorrow.

You can click each photo for a larger version.  Many thanks to reader DW for being our photographer on the set.


  1. How lucky of the Aragon (and the rest of the neighborhood) for it to get it's sign up and running at 100% again, and right as it appeared to have most of it broken! I also wish they would take a hint and restore the billboard to this original style and ditch that terrible LED version they added many years ago.

  2. A link to what is possibly filming:

  3. "Mark of Zorro" is what the Wayne's saw before they were robbed and shot dead in front of Bruce Wayne...

    Seriously, Zach Snyder?!? We don't need another retelling of Batman's origin story!

  4. They missed the Taxis and the bus :-)