Friday, October 3, 2014

Still Time To Save The Uptown SSA #34

via Uptown United:
This is the 4700 block of Broadway before Uptown Special Service Area #34 was around to hire Cleanslate Chicago to provide consistent litter removal.

If you own property on Uptown's busiest streets, please visit and sign the petition to renew our SSA.


  1. I'm really thankful to the people of Clean Slate. They help us by cleaning up trash, but they also give a second chance to people who might otherwise not have many options. I can't imagine what our streets would look like without them.

  2. So you can't sign unless you live in the marked area?

  3. Or, if you are against taxation without representation, please do not waste your time and do nothing if you are against this shady, hidden, secret, corrupt and wasteful extra burden being placed on the shoulders of working families. Simply ignore this petition - they need support for it to continue. Some facebook condo owners are reporting they pay an additional $1,300 a year for services they see no benefits from. But if you like to voluntarily pay a lot of extra money on top of already sky high property taxes, by all means.

    1. HurlyBurly, please stop lying! You do not like this, we get it. But tell the truth. The condo building got a $1300 increase. Divide that by the 6 units and it's about $225 per year.

    2. CCFC is correct. I ran the numbers and posted something approximating that in an earlier thread. Also snow removal will have a value for the condo owners. They won't have to contract it out or do it themselves if they're so inclined.

      The bigger value is not having their block look like a huge mess with paper, beer bottles, etc etc littering their street. The cost is small considering the benefit to their property value.

      I don't live in the SSA, but if I did I would support it. At least I would not have to worry about getting up at Zero Dark Thirty to shovel my sidewalks or take out any terrorists lingering around the corner. I'm that kind of guy. Good neighbor and drunken commando.

  4. I would support this but I live just outside the boundries. I don't get it.