Wednesday, October 22, 2014

More Details About Decatur Classical School's Possible Move To Uptown

Ald. Cappleman gave more details about the possibility of Decatur Classical School moving to the former Graeme Stewart campus in his weekly newsletter:

"A number of months ago, Decatur Classical School's principal (Susan Kukielka) and their local school council met with me to discuss the possibility of moving their school from Rogers Park to the Stewart campus.

Last week, I met with over a hundred parents from Decatur Classical School, along with the principal and the school's LSC, to further discuss this option of which I am in full support. For Decatur, this move would provide them an opportunity to add a 7th and 8th grade (currently they are only K-6) and increase the number number of classes to add more students.

Decatur Classical School is rated the #1 public grade school in Illinois, and their solid reputation would add greater strength to the 46th Ward. To view this school's website, click here.

Ultimately, it's the decision of CPS on whether or not this move will occur. Until that decision is made, I have asked to suspend the RFP process for other possible uses until a decision is made about Decatur Classical moving here. Although other private schools and developers have shown an interest, I believe that the best use for this site is a CPS school."


  1. would this be selective enrollment, or would all neighborhood kids be welcomed?

  2. Unlucky Pierre, if you're goin' trollin' lookin' 4 a response to a question U already know the answer to you should try the UU FB page. This site is nearly as dead as a Monty Python parrot. All the good action is on the FB page.

    I would like to point out to my friends over at Uptown Uprising that they seem to have a statistic wrong on their post about this possible school move. Uprising claims that Decatur is 80 percent white and only 15 percent low income.

    The CPS site says something different:


    Low Income
    Diverse Learners
    Limited English
    Mobility Rate ?
    Chronic Truancy ?

    They were right on the low income part, but off by merely 37 percent on the white part. 43 or 80--close enough for Uprising. I'd also guess that it may be even more diverse than the numbers would indicate. Given its location it wouldn't surprise me if a good number of their "white" students were of Middle Eastern descent.

    Then again diversity only counts when our friends at Uprising get to set the "standards". Let me guess they just added the percentages of black and hispanic students and assumed everyone else was white or honorary white.

    I never knew a Latin language themed school existed in CPS. Interesting.

    E Pluribus Unum.

    This would be a good thing for Uptown. Now it would take awhile, but over time the school could change their admission requirements a bit to allow some of the brighter Uptown area students to enroll in a separate admissions process.

    There might have to be some early preschool component and additional help for those students at least initially. The military academies have "prep" schools that are one year long and used to increase "diversity" in their student bodies. by offering an intensive math and science curriculum. Then approximately 85-90 percent of those students go on to the big enchilada academies.

    Now would moving Decatur help all Uptown area students. Neque Ilud(dats Latin for "nope"). It could help some Uptown students and give a few hundred more students access to a great successful public school education.

    Of course at Uprising the only education they truly approve of would be using the teaching methods of a Howard Zinn or an Angela Davis. Children are to be indoctrinated in the proper worldview.

    Osculum mihi asinum. Look it up or if you understand Latin let the class know what it means.

    1. Dude, I refuse to use FB and you have too much time on your hands. I asked a simple question. I don't know or care about Uptown Uprising. I thought our dear leader Capplepromise had stated somewhere down the line that any potential school moving into the old Stewart spot would need to include area kids. To me that makes good sense, I might even consider sending my kids there and yes, I'm white.